Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Never Have I Ever While Running

Hi Everyone!  

Hope you are doing well! 

An impromptu post regarding this meme.. Maybe get to know each other a bit and have some fun..

Never have I ever NOT done during running. I have NOT done 5 of the 20 items. My results and summary below. 

How did you do?

  • Been lost when running. Yes. Once. A snow run on my trail. The snow was about six inches with a layer of ice on top. Each step would crunch and then sink. After going from from mid to end of my trail, (2.5 miles) decided to take the road back. Well, I learned the hard way that the roads don't run parallel. Needed gps a couple times and went pretty far out of the way to return to my starting point.
  • Lost a toenail. Yes. A few a yr. Weather related or after a long run or marathon, etc,
  • Ran away from a dog. Yes. Leash your dogs people! Have had this too often. occasionally on neighborhood runs or trail runs. Some well behaved, some small feisty to German Shepherds/Rottweiler. Yes, your doggo may be a good doggo, but please leash, and the correct length (have seen leashes the length the width of the trail (what's the point if I can't pass by and they are that far loose?). And be able to hold them back. Have had a leashed Rottweiler overpower it's human and hunt me down (was fine once I stopped for him).
  • Been kicked off a treadmill. Yes. Well, not asked, but experienced the treadmill auto shut down at 1 hour (at a hotel once)? What the heck? lol
  • Ran a beer mile. No?! The one that I can't believe I haven't done yet! I've done a race that involved eating mid race (1/2 pound bacon). but never a beer mile. Not to brag, but I can do some chugging (learned that in college). Just need to find the right opportunity to do this one...
  • Peed in the bush on the run. Yes. and maybe more .. Just one of those days I couldn't make it to the next portable restroom. At least it wasn't in my neighborhood! Although I have made note of the nearby alleys if the emergency should arise. Anyone else always have extra tissues just in case? lol. and sanitizer as well! lol
  • Got a watch tan. Yes. Run during the summer, going to get tan and tan lines.
  • Used a 13.1 as practice. Yes. I remember one season I had a 13.1, 15k, and a 10 miler real close to each other. (Philly Love Run, Hot Chocolate 15k, and Broad Street) They weren't all goal races and may have been practice for the next. 
  • Asked a stranger about shoes. Yes! After the Nike's were first launched, saw so many at a race, had to ask about them!   
  • Started a run before 4am. Yes. I've had travel days that start at the crack of dawn and was sure to get up early enough to get my run in. Have also had work on-call days where I couldn't go back to bed once the issue was resolved. Too wired. Made for some long days. 
  • Ran circles to meet goal. Yes. I'm pretty sure we've all been there. Running by our house or endpoint, or turn around for a few circles because we need at least the goal distance for the day.. lol
  • Ate lunch while running. Yes. Like actually eating during running? bacon challenge. Or if they mean a RUNch, yes. I used to run on my lunch break.
  • Lied to go run. If I tell you I'm running errands or have to go run somewhere (sometimes I'll even say real quick), you may want to question that. lol..
  • Complained about knees. Nope! Have had leg pulls, shin splints, etc, but never the knee.
  • Recruited new runners. Yes. Am proud to have recruited at least one person I'm positive wouldn't be running if I didn't inspire them to. 
  • Owned 10 shoes or more. Nope! May be getting close with several new shoes and retired ones still around, but never that many!
  • Ran a marathon. Yes! 8. Philly x3, NYC, Flying Pig, Via, Valley Forge, and one self supported. 
  • Ran an ultra. No! Still battling the dreaded wall for a marathon, no thoughts on an ultra.. yet!
  • Thought about Leadville. Nope! Same as above. 
  • Carb loaded without a race. Nope. I'm pretty routine oriented. Carb load Friday night before long run day, and the rarity that the long run day is moved, I don't really stray from routine. 

How about yourself? How did you do? Any funny stories to add?

Have a great day everyone!

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Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 

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