Tuesday, July 4, 2017


2016. I started the year streaking.  My previous streak was 25, was so close to matching it. But on Jan 23rd, 2016, we had a blizzard. By daylight, it was already to the point of not going out for a while. Came down hard throughout the day. I don't remember when it stopped, or when the plows started cleanup. All I know was I was 7 episodes into Breaking Bad.. first time watching and got hooked.
Jan 24th 2016. I will always remember how mad I was that the streak came to an end and I was starting over.
Not going to recap every day since, but still going strong! 527 as of today.
I may not take days off, but I do do (i said do do) taper runs here and there.
I don't do tread mills unless I'm in a hotel somewhere with limited outdoor options. Rest is all outdoors, through the elements. Blizzards, torrential rain, heat waves, etc, won't let them stop me again. If I ever stop it will be due to loss of a leg, Lol
I found a group on Facebook, #RWRunStreak, I highly recommend! Very supportive!

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