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Product Review: Runderwear - Team Undie: Don't let chafing happen to you!

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Hi Everyone!

I am excited to announce that I'll be testing Runderwear boxer briefs.

Before getting started..

Personal question.. Team Commando or Team Undie?! Before this campaign I had no idea there was so many commandos out there! Apparently there's a lot of you out there all willy nilly. Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Kramer starts going commando. lol, but I digress...

These are performance underwear, designed with/for runner's/athletes in mind.

They are moisture wicking, breathable, and guaranteed not to chafe!

Specs: from the Runderwear site:
  • The Runderwear Men’s Boxer Briefs for running are designed to ensure you can enjoy all your running adventures chafe-free, with maximum support and in ultimate comfort. Features include:Ultimate Comfort - created using an incredibly soft fabric, which is label-free to prevent irritation, rubbing and chafing mile-after-mile. Ergonomically designed to move with your body for ultimate comfort.
  • Seamless Design - 360 degree seamless design resulting in no side seams for ultimate comfort and chafe-free running. Flatlock fine-stitching means that edges are flat, eliminating irritation and rubbing. Moisture-Wicking Fabric - the technical fabric is lightweight, label-free and designed to effectively wick sweat away from your skin, eliminating any irritation and ensuring you keep dry and can run chafe-free.  
  • Breathable - uses high performance moisture-wicking fabric with mesh panels containing micro perforations to increase breathability and sweat removal from your skin, ensuring your core temperature is optimised.
  • Lightweight Durability – lightweight technical fabric which is highly-durable, washes-well and dries quickly.   -Runderwear 
My trial:

Pre run:
Upon receiving them, first thing I notice is how soft they are. They are so soft!
They appear to be small, but the material (92% polvamide/8% Elastine) stretches a bit!
Around the leg holes there is an elastic band with a rubberish band on the inside of the front side. (assuming to prevent riding up). 
Trying on, I felt the band initially, but after wearing them for a few seconds, you don't even notice! 
Soft, lightweight and comfortable. Barely notice they are there! 

Post Run:
A few runs in (including a marathon training run), I am very happy to report, no chafing! Thank Goodness! 
The creator of Runderwear even recommends that if you wear running shorts with liners, cut the liners out and wear Runderwear in there! No point in wearing liners and underwear when the Runderwear are better than liners!

DISCOUNT! Be sure to use code 'BIBRAVE20' for 20% off! Offer expires 5/31
Site info below!

Facebook: RunderwearOfficial
Twitter: Runderwear
IG: teamrunderwear

The code is also good on ladies hipsters/briefs. 

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  1. I enjoyed my Runderwear but I see an even great need for men who wear longer and looser shorts. Great review

    1. Great to hear that you enjoy your Runderwear! They definitely meet the need, very comfortable. Thx for stopping by!


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