Sunday, October 15, 2017

Week Ending 10/15

Hi Fellow runners!

How's everyone's training going?

Sunday's race kicked my butt, but back to the grind!

My week in review: 

Monday: rest day, one for the streak. Sunday was the Army Ten Miler, you can read my review here. Monday, was up early to begin my travel back to Pa. The Va/DC area was getting hit with storms all morning, an after affect from the tropical storm from the south. Checked the weather map, as it cleared up in Va, another storm was going to hit in Pa. Traveled through the storm, 3.5 hrs, almost an entire hr longer than going there.  Tough drive, could barely see most of the way. Arrived home, unpacked, the weather cleared up. Head out for the streak day mile, day  625. Yeah, things were a bit tight in certain spots. lol Hydrate and stretch some more!

Tuesday: 5 miles at my trail. (Pennypack Creek, Huntingdon Valley, Pa). Glad I took another day off work, I slept in till 9! Guess all those early mornings caught up to me. Had my coffee and water. Head over to the trail. Was debating which side of the trail to do, did the side with the gradual incline, because I'm a glutton for punishment. The weather was still unseasonably warm, still feeling Sunday's run, but glad I got it in. 
In previous posts I mentioned my trail has at least 7 scenic bridges, confirmed there are at least 10. Stopped at bridge number 10.  The last scenic bridge from my trail. Guess I'll have to start getting more creative with my trail pics. ;)

Wednesday: 5k. My work from home day, lunch run, done! My neighborhood's got some good hills. Every other street is up or down. Definitely a love/hate relationship, especially right now. 

Thursday: 4 miles after work. 

Friday: 40 min after work. I tried to avoid hills the best i could. Still got a few in.

Friday, I also received by BibRavePro shirt! I was accepted to be a BibRavePro a couple weeks ago, now that I have some swag, feels more official! 😄😉😍
To learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! 
Saturday: Long run day! New longest run of 18 miles! Philadelphia Marathon training. Set the alarm for my normal work time of 5:45, got up just after 5! Had my coffee, light breakfast, and water. Worked for a few minutes since I'm on call this week, need to make sure all is kosher before I head out for a few hours. My trail is 10.5 miles, park in middle. Placed water on my car, (I sometimes forget this simple step). Did the side with gradual incline first and back, stopped at my car for half a water. To the other side. Set my alarm for fueling, this too I am trying to get better at. Had my first gel at the 1 hr mark. On the way back from that side of the trail, someone I waved to earlier was doing about the same pace, and struck conversation with me. Asked how far I was going and what i was training for, he is training for a marathon as well! My new friend and I ran about 4 miles together. I pass my car, finish my first water. To the side with the incline again, my new friend breaks off as he finishes his 14 miler. I reach the end, and my options to add about 3 miles were to go back and do the other side for a bit, or explore a side shoot. I decided to explore a side shoot. It was a rugged trail, beautiful, but rugged and I stubbed my toes kicking rocks too many times. Passed several deer running away from me in the woods. I got lost for a min, since the side shoot had multiple side shoots throughout,  but was able to make my way back. Reach my regular trail and finish the run heading back to my car. Time to hydrate and stretch!

The side shoot to the other park (Lorimar Park) starts with a bridge, how about that!

Sunday: rest day, one for the streak. day . Things were definitely tight at first, but getting the kinks out. Hydrate and stretch actually works, should listen to my own advice more often! Even did yard work afters without feeling like I was going to fall over! 😂
October goals: 
  • Taper for Army Ten Miler, run the Army Ten Miler. 
  • Resume long run training for the Philadelphia Marathon!
  • Taper for the Runner's World 5k, get the long run in the following day. 

Future races registered for:
  • 10/21/17 - Runners World 5k, (Bethlehem, Pa): A festival of running?! Don't think I'd be up for the half being so close to the Army Ten Miler, but really wanted to check out the festival. Got some buddies doing the 5k, can't wait!
  • 11/19/17 - Philadelphia Marathon, my first full! Track my training updates here.
  • 03/25/18 - Philadelphia Love Run half marathon. Love the love run! Check out my 2017 review here: Race review: #LoveRunPhilly
What is everyone currently training for? Signed up for a race? New to running, or maintaining until a race peaks interest? Whatever it is, good luck to everyone with their training, keep kicking butt!!

If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G

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