Sunday, December 17, 2017

Weekly Running Update: December 17th, 2017.

Hi Everyone!

How's everyone doing with their training during the holiday season?? Such a busy/exciting time of yr. Hope everyone has a happy holiday!

My week in running:

Monday: 5 miles. Day off from work, able to hit up the trail (Pennypack Creek)! Rare, slept in a bit, 7:15! No major plans till later, took my time getting ready. Temps hit 40 yesterday, snow around home was clear from the streets. Wasn't sure how the trail would be, packed the Yaktrax just in case. Glad I did. There were spots that were clear, but most of the way still had some type of snow. Mostly slush, but some packed ice, and a bit of powder. Felt safe, but definitely slowed down a bit, could feel the extra effort from calves up to the glutes.
New sign up, my rail trail has some history, woah! Rip. 

Birthday celebration #5 (or so). Dinner with my pops at Iron Abbey. Pic below is their sangria, and I had Stone Enjoy by IPA. Second pic is a Peanut Butter Bomb (a ganache)
Tuesday: 4 mi after work. First day back to work after a four day weekend, blah. After work, ran a couple errands first. Gets dark a few minutes out of work, so was definitely a night run! The hills got me today. Not sure if it was the extra effort from the snow runs, or the long day, but they got me. Will be sure to get some revenge on them at a later point. 

Wednesday: 3.11 mi. My work from home day, lunch time run! Today, was a bit chilly! Reports the wind chill could be in the teens to single digits! I'm sure we'll get a bunch of days like this through the season, but today was the first. First time busting out the running pants. Still trying to remember what temps, what layers, but I'm good in shorts 30 to high 20's. So. lunch time, ready to run! Still tight in some spots, and pants may have added to that, but wasn't bad. There were some points where wind was coming at me as going up hills, but got through it. Not sure what temp I'll need the face-mask, but was okay today. Guess the sun helped! ha!
Thursday: 5 miles after work. Wednesday night, it snowed about an inch. The roads were clear by the time I got out of work, but several sidewalks were untouched or icy. I was forced to stick to the streets. My neighborhood route involves some zigzagging, then followed by a big loop around, had to cut out that loop. Found my self doing straightaways back and forth and then moving on to the next block. This felt good early, and was able to maintain. Cutting out the sidewalk loop portions also cut out some of the worse hills!   

Friday: 5k before work. I woke up early, before 5. Tossed and turned for a few and then started thinking about running. That's it, I'm up! Had my coffee, did a short workout and then head out around 6. The wind chill was around 20, but felt good. Did more straightaways, but was able to incorporate a couple hills at the end.  
Below pics of the sunrise are flash vs no flash: 
Saturday: 8 miles. It snowed Friday afternoon into early evening. The township wasn't prepared for as much as we got. I had to choose between slushy and ice roads or the trail, which would still have all the snow. Went to the trail. Still not on a training plan for a few days, so went with no real agenda. But knew I wanted to do more than 5. Got to the trail after 9, the ranger didn't drive by yet to leave any tracks, plenty of powder, but surprisingly other morning people there already, plenty of footsteps already compacted some of the snow. It was a yaktrax day for sure. Tried to do a steady 8:45 for half marathon pace, but that went out the door quickly, definitely extra effort due to the snow. My trail is just over 2.75 in each direction, park my car in the middle, passed it at 5.5, stopped to hydrate, fuel, considered leaving, but got a second wind to do a few more. Snow running is fun at first, but it is work! 
I recently wrote a review of Yaktrax pros, if you are active in the snow, check it out here
Stopped at one of the bridges I pass by and shot a vid from the other side of the water. I never go on that side of the bridge, but found some more trails to explore. Not sure if they are suitable for running or geared more towards hiking. Will explore more in the spring. 

Sunday: rest day, one for the streak. Streak day 694. Most of the snow has melted from the streets, a couple spots of ice on the sidewalks still. Either they didn't get enough sun, or the people did a lousy job shoveling. Was clear most of the way except a few houses. Was a brisk 28 degrees, but 80% humidity. At least we have that going for us. haha.. 

December goals:
  • Have fun! No race training for a few more weeks, enjoy the trail when you can and do whatever I want! Update: calculated days till race day. 14 week training plan starts 12/17! 
  • 135 miles. No way I'll get 1700 miles for the year, but 1650 may be doable. 

Future races registered for/considering:
  • 03/24/18 - Phillies 5k. Have never done races back to back, already registered for the Love Run, but would hate to miss the Phillies 5k. "Free" baseball tickets!  2017 review here!
  • 03/25/18 - Philadelphia Love Run half marathon. Love the love run! Check out my 2017 review here. 
  • 04/07/18 - Hot Chocolate 5k/15k!! (15k) Join me using code “BRHCPHILLY18” to score a BONUS Hot Chocolate branded cap!
  • May, 2018. (Date TBD) Broad Street Run!  Assuming I win the lottery! My 2017 review here. 

What is everyone currently training for? Signed up for a race? New to running, or maintaining until a race peaks interest? Whatever it is, good luck to everyone with their training, keep kicking butt!!

If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G

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