Sunday, January 7, 2018

Weekly Running Update: January 7th, 2018

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!

I'm not going to do an entire post for my 2018 goals. Here's what they are so far:
  1. Respect recovery days. Cut back on Tues/Thu. (current training program has those days listed as strength training/non running days.) 
  2. Foam roll (I just got 2 rollers for xmas, need to master it) and stretch more.
  3. PR: 2 pr's (half and full marathons). The half seems far off, hopefully the first 2 goals help get me there. 
  4. Trails: check out more trails!
  5. Become a better blogger. I'm still new to this, I'm sure there's some tweaking I can do.  
My week in running:

Monday: 5+ miles. A bit tired from NYE festivities and extreme cold temps had me taking my time to get ready. The streets are clear, but I prefer to do trail runs when I can. It's been a couple days since the last snow, but not warm enough to melt it away from the trail. Yaktrax day it is. Could feel the extra effort needed for the snow run, but able to maintain my desired pace. Wore proper layers, the temp was not an issue.

Tuesday: 3.11 miles after work. Back to work after Near Year's! I won't complain (much) about work here. But with everyone else back in the office today and seasonal spikes, it was non stop madness. Today's after work run hit the spot! Most of the sidewalks still had some traces of ice, kept it to the streets!

Wednesday: 4 miles. Work from home day, lunch run! Wind chill/heat index 35, it's a heat wave! Shins were a bit tight, I will "try" to do some stretching before tomorrow. Tomorrow should be fun, 1-3 inches of snow to wintry mix, may be interesting!
Thursday: 3.11 miles early! Forecast was a coating to two inches overnight and a second storm in the afternoon. Decided to head out before work. Was Just a dusting on the streets so far, but coming down good. Glad I got it in early, ended up snowing all day! 
Friday: 4.7 mi (40 min) run after work. Going to be a cold weekend! -8 wind chill! Wore ample layers, was fine temp wise, except hands were frozen for the first mile. There was still some slush from yesterday, wore the yaktrax just in case. Some clear paths, but better be safe than sorry, especially with black ice. 
Saturday: 9 miles. This was not a fun one. The snow was still powder at the trail. Made for some tough running. Thursday's snow was accompanied by some serious winds, was hoping the drifts would have been to the side, was not the case. Also hoping the ranger would have diven by to compact it a bit, also not the case. When there's no snow, the ranger is almost always driving the path. They state no winter maintenance, and it holds true. Thought about cutting it short several times, especially at the mid point as I passed my car, it wasn't pretty, but got it done. Oh, and did I mention it was cold? lol

Sunday: 1 mile. Rest day, one for the streak. Streak day 715. "Slept in" till 7 and plans in a bit. Wasn't excited to go back out into the cold, but it's "just one". If I was going much further, would of had another layer on, figured the cold may get me moving. Did the loop outside of my neighborhood, which I know isn't always shoveled well, couple houses had ice patches, but manageable. 

This was week 3 of half marathon training for the Philadelphia Love Run, aka #LoveRunPhilly. Am using the below training program: 
To credit the images, it was pulled Coach Jenny Hadfield's training plans
Future races registered for/considering:
  • 03/25/18 - Philadelphia Love Run half marathon. Love the love run! Check out my 2017 review here. 
  • 04/07/18 - Hot Chocolate 5k/15k!! (15k) Join me using code “BRHCPHILLY18” to score a BONUS Hot Chocolate branded cap!  
  • 05/06/18 - Broad Street Run!  Assuming I win the lottery! My 2017 review here. 
Good luck to everyone with the resolutions and training! Kick some butt! 

If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G

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