Sunday, December 31, 2017

Weekly Running Update: December 31, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday! Happy New Year, please be safe!

Everyone getting their workouts/runs in during the holidays? Or waiting until resolution time?!  

I'm not going to do a post on year end summary. It's brief. I got my goals in. I met many awesome people. Became a BibRavePro! And surprised myself by doing my first marathon!

My week in running: 

Monday: 5 miles. Merry Christmas! This morning's run was rough! Annual Xmas eve party yesterday, several adult beverages and an over indulgence of food! Woke up early as always. Wanted to get the run out of the way before present time! Several cuss words along the way! Some lower back pain and quads a bit sore. But done!
Stopped by a little stream by a private pond that's nearby. Can't really see it until winter with all the shrubs that surround it.

Tuesday: 4 miles after work. Was up a bit late Monday for football, and a few beverages. Work wasn't bad with so many people out on vaca. Run after work. Temp of 25/wind chill in the teens. Cold, a few things tight to start, but warmed up quick.

Wednesday: 4 miles. work from home lunch run! 

Thursday: 3.11 miles after work. A bit colder today. Wind chill 4! Time to wear extra layers. Hands were cold to start, warmed up after 1. 

Friday: 4.78 mi (40 min) run after  work. The temp was a bit cool after work, but the wind chill definitely dropped mid run! Adjusting routes for time vs mileage that I know can get tricky. Ended up with a couple block cool down. lol  Not minding the cooler temps. But weird how sometimes legs/stides feel more solid/stiff, but not slowing down as much as expected. 

Saturday: long run day! 8 miles. The forecast called for a coating to an inch of snow, and was later updated to 1-3. Wanted to get out there while it was still a dusting. Set my alarm for my normal time (5:45). Got up before that, sunrise isn't until 7:15. Took my time, got there by 7. The snow just started at 6. Wasn't bad yet. Didn't need the yaktrax, will probably need them tomorrow. Wasn't going to wear the mask, but was a bit chilly. Warmed up by mile 1. Was a bit stiff, but felt good. Didn't mind the snow until the last mi. 

Sunday: 1 mi rest day, one for the streak. Streak day 708. A tad chilly, wind chill -1. The streets were well plowed and salted yesterday. A couple clear paths, but a bit slippery. Didn't need the yak trax, just needed to proceed with caution. 
This was week 2 of half marathon training for the Philadelphia Love Run, aka #LoveRunPhilly. Am using the below training program: 
To credit the images, it was pulled Coach Jenny Hadfield's training plans

December goals:
  • Have fun! No race training for a few more weeks, enjoy the trail when you can and do whatever I want! Update: calculated days till race day. 14 week training plan started 12/17! 
  • 135 miles. No way I'll get 1700 miles for the yr, but 1650 may be doable. Update: yearly mi of 1648. Could of gotten that 1650, but also focusing on recovery in 18. 😉

Future races registered for/considering:
  • 03/25/18 - Philadelphia Love Run half marathon. Love the love run! Check out my 2017 review here. 
  • 04/07/18 - Hot Chocolate 5k/15k!! (15k) Join me using code “BRHCPHILLY18” to score a BONUS Hot Chocolate branded cap!  
  • May, 2018. (Date TBD) Broad Street Run!  Assuming I win the lottery! My 2017 review here. 

What is everyone currently training for? Signed up for a race? New to running, or maintaining until a race peaks interest? Whatever it is, good luck to everyone with their training, keep kicking butt!!

If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G

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