Sunday, March 18, 2018

Weekly Running Update: March 18th, 2018

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well! 

Anyone do any St Paddy's day races? How'd they go? 

My race season starts next week!

My week in review: 

Monday: 5 miles after work. Daylight savings time change yesterday, blah! Coffee filled day at work. Wasn't exactly looking forward to getting out there afterwards, but no excuses. A light drizzle, was a bit chilly to start with, but warmed up. Toe issue from last Saturday's run starting to feel better. Still a bit tight overall. Foam rolled before relaxing for the evening.
Tuesday: 3.11 miles after work. Intentions of going to bed early last night, tired, but had another burst of energy before bed. Tuesday was another coffee filled day work, but not as bad as Monday. Foam rolled later that night.
Wednesday: 4 miles. Work from home day. Had a morning appt at my house sometime between 8-12. Was hoping earlier than later. Would hate for my lunch run to be affected! lol  Showed up after 10, done shortly after 11. Able to run at lunch, yay! I saw the temps were a bit chilly, but didn't notice the wind 20 mph gusts! Probably should of worn a pullover! The windy days never seem to blow in your favor, well, in my case anyway. Always against it up the hills! or so it seems!
Thursday: 3.11 miles. Early. On-call week, third shift called me at 4:15 am. Worked only for about 20 min, but by then there wasn't any point in going back to bed. Up. Worked out. What do my work outs include? Crunches, planks, leg raises, curls/tri extensions, butterflies. After that, out the door by 6. Wind chill 18, had some decent speed for a bit and then faded. One thing I didn't do right, wear reflective gear. 'Doh! It was dark, sun rise isn't till after 7! Be safe people, wear reflective gear when it's dark!
Friday: 4 miles after work. The temp wasnt that bad, but with the 20 mph wind, it was a bit chilly. Decent run with the hills, but can tell I should stretch for tomorrow. I try to foam roll just before I start relaxing for the evening, I started watching March Madness, and almost slacked on it, did get a stretch in. Will also be wearing KT Tape for the next week to help my shins a bit. 
Saturday: 6 miles. Long run day, let the tapering begin! Got up nice and early but took my time. Worked for a few minutes, coffee, hydrate, stretch, light breakfast, etc. At the trail (Pennypack Creek) around 7:30. My trail is 5.25 ish, park in the middle and either side of the trail is a bit different. Did the gradual incline side, to the end is about 2.5 ish, instead of doing the the other side of the trail for a few min decided to venture off the trail for .5. Through a neighborhood that has a good steep hill at the end, turn around after the hill and back to the trail. Last week the trail had plenty of snow, today the trail was nice and smooth, there was a small gap that had slick mud, but not that bad. 
Personal note of the week: Saturday was also St Paddy's Day. I'm sure many of you either raced and or celebrated the holiday. I may have celebrated, but I was celebrating March Madness! My bracket is not doing well, but I still enjoy watching as much madness as possible. I used to take off work to watch every minute of it! Also used to party the entire time. I may have partaken yesterday, but not as much as I used to. ;) Checked out a newer sports bar nearby, Crafty's! Would definitely recommend! Sorry, no pics of the awesome burger.  
Sunday: 1 mi. Rest day, one for the streak. Streak day 785. Must of been tired. Actually slept in past 7! Took my time getting ready. Coffee, some food prep for the week. Not out the door until 9:30 Was a bit cold to start, was definitely a motivator to get it over with once out there! Felt pretty good.

This was week 13 of half marathon training. Using the training program below. 
This upcoming week is taper and rest, will do my best to take rest, stretching and hydration seriously!
To credit the images, it was pulled Coach Jenny Hadfield's training plans
Future races registered for:
  • 03/25/18 - Philadelphia Love Run half marathon. Love the love run! Check out my 2017 review here. 
  • 04/07/18 - Hot Chocolate 15k/5k!! (15k) Join me using code “BRHCPHILLY18” to score a BONUS Hot Chocolate branded cap!  
    Check out my Hot Chocolate 15k race preview post here! 
  • 04/14/18 - Newport Rhode Races! Half marathon. They have 5k, half, and full marathon options! Use code "BibRave" to save 10% on race entry!
Check out my race preview post here! 
  • 05/06/18 - Broad Street Run! This is definitely a fav! My 2017 review here. 
Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 
If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G


  1. Love the Pennypack Park trails! Good luck with the Love Run! Will be looking forward to your race report.

  2. I discovered my love for trails there when looking for a place to train for my first half in '16! Love it There! Thank you, can't wait! Good luck with your training as well!


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