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TCS NYC Marathon Training Week 14 - Weekly Running Update: Sept 23, 2018

Hi Everyone!

How's everyone's training going? Any races recently, or coming up? Which ones?

This was a "cutback" week for me, which came at a good time. Shin/calf has been a bit tight, stretching has helped some, but is taking some time. How do you handle shin splints during a training period? Stretching and tape? 

My week in training: 

Monday: 5 miles before work. Went to bed at my normal time on Sunday, but did not get a good night's sleep. Woke up several times. I decided to turn off my alarm for running, but woke up again in time. Coffee, stretch, out the door a few min after 6. Calf and shins were tight last week before my long run, still tight. Tired and tight, through the motions, humid, 8:20 pace before the hills, 8:30 remainder of the way.
Tuesday: 3.11 miles before work. Intentions of getting a better night's sleep, went to bed early. Progress, but on call week for work, 3rd shift called at 4 am. Worked for a bit, no point in going back to bed after. Coffee, work out, out the door by 6. Was just a bit humid, 96%! Hydrating after, for sure!
Wednesday: 4 miles before work. Starting to get a better night's sleep. Went to bed at my goal time and almost slept until my alarm. Felt pretty decent. Mile 1 was 8:10 before the hills. 8:20 after able to get it back down. Pushed a little hard at the end. Some slight soreness in my left shin/calf before, but more after.
Thursday: 1 mile after work. Strength Training day. Almost everyday is, but added a few more reps today.  I really should be cutting back on running Tue/Thu. Core training done before work, 1 mile after.
Friday: 5 miles before work. Went to bed early. Thank goodness for that! Last day of my on-call week, they got me up at 4 am, again. Worked on an issue till about 4:30. Coffee, work out, and out the door by 6. 8:10 is before the hills, 8:20 rest of the way. Still nursing a tight shin and calf, but able to maintain. Slightly cooler, but still somewhat humid. 
Saturday: 8 miles. Long run day, cutback day, trail day, yay! Plans later that morning and had to be ready for my road trip by 9:30. Soo.. went to bed early, alarm set to get up early, woke up just before my alarm. Coffee, stretch, and at my trail before 6:30 (before sunrise). Weather was slightly cooler, a bit humid, but felt good overall. Original goal to pace 8:20-8:30, but felt good 8:15-8:20. Not sure if its the stretching, KT tape, or less hills, but calf felt much better today. 

My trail Pennypack Creek (5.25 mi end to end). Park in the middle (Welsh and Terwood). Midpoint to the more wooded side with a hill at the end (Byberry Rd) and back. Pass the mid point, hydrated at my car, to the more open side with a gradual incline, turned around just before Lorimar Park, and back to the midpoint. Fueled beforehand and at the 5 mile mark.   
My road trip was to Knoebels theme park. 2.5 hr drive. Crazy how it's 10 degrees cooler there! I should of remembered this, since I went to college nearby (Bloomsburg U). Did few roller coasters, walked in circles, and ate a bit of junk food.  With the walking, total step count for the day over 22k.
Sunday: 1 mile. Rest day, one for the streak. Run streak day 974. Up at my normal time. Had intentions of sleeping in since I definitely was not well rested earlier in the week, but just tossed and turned after that. Took my time getting ready, coffee, stretch, and out the door by 8. Worked on breathing and pacing up the first hill, feeling good, went with it to the end. Rest day, but fun to work on speed. Will be taking easy remainder of the day, hydrate, stretch, and try to mentally prepare for a busy week and longer run next Saturday.
This was week 14 of of marathon training, using the below plan. 
Scheduled to do this week: 
Miles: scheduled miles  25 / completed 27.
Strength Training(planks/crunches/leg raises/weights: scheduled 60 min/completed 90
To credit the images, it was pulled Coach Jenny Hadfield's training plans
marathon training program
Fall Schedule: 
10.07.18 - Army Ten Miler A revenge race for me. My 2017 review, here!

10/19-10/21 - Runner's World Half Festival. (5k & 10k). My 2017 5k review, here! 
Use code RWHALF18BIBRAVE for 15% off any/all 4 races! 3.8 Altra, 5k, 10k, Half marathon! Check out my preview, here! 

11.04.18 - TCS New York City Marathon! 

Spring Schedule 

04.06.19 - Hot Chocolate 15k Philadelphia. Use code BRHCPhilly to receive a free smart phone arm band. Check out my preview, here. 

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 
If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G 

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