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Weekly Running Report: June 16, 2019

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well. 

How's training going? Any recent races or coming up, which ones?

This past week started out a bit rough for me, but felt better as the week progressed. 

My Week in Training: 

Monday: 7 miles before work. Last Sunday, went to a baseball game, had some beverages. Did not hydrate. In bed by 10, not quality sleep, but up before my alarm. Coffee, work out, and out the door by 6. Humid, rain earlier that turned into a mist. Settled into my comfortable pace, actually thought my gps was off. Nope, just tired. lol..  Tried for a bit to maintain in the 8:30's, but didn't last long. Faded and decided to let go. I didn't check my plan, assumed it was six mile day, thinking about how many weeks in it is, double checked mid run, ugh, 7 mile day! Another mile of suffering, but oh well, that's what you get for having too much fun. Payed the consequences and suffered through to stick to the plan.
Tuesday: 3.11 miles before work. Yesterday morning, I may have been dehydrated from Sunday and had heavy legs from Saturday's long run. Monday, hydrated like heck all day and foam rolled at night. Coffee, workout hydrate, and out the door by 6. Usually like to push it a bit on 5k day, but legs still a bit heavy. 8:05 before the worst hill, 8:15 after, and fighting to maintain. lol.. not a great 5k day, but not as bad as Monday.
Wednesday: 6 miles before work. Tues, was up a few min past my bed time, up Wed a few min before my alarm. Didn't feel like getting up yet, but did. Coffee. A little sore, but not bad, workout done. "Morning routine" done, but a couple stomach pains. Out the door by 6. Temps were great! Didn't feel like heading out, but got settled into my pace. 8:25 before the worst hill, did have some concern I would lose a bunch through the hills but worked on cadences, faded to 8:31 and maintained at 8:30 after. I did have a couple stomach pains along the way, concerned I may have to head home for a few minutes, but made it through. Lacking motivation early, didn't feel like doing much today (work, workout, yardwork, etc), but glad I got out there for my run!
Thursday: 3.11 miles before work. Thursday is usually 1 mile day, but adding a couple miles to get a 40 mi week in. Wed, excellent night's rest! In bed at 9 and out like a light! A bit tired this morning, but coffee, workout, hydrate, stretch, and out the door around 6. As I was getting my coffee, it's pouring, oh, it's going to be like that huh? lol Being tired, was actually looking forward to the rain. Got settled into my pace early. My phone wasn't providing pace alerts. Ugh! Worked on cadences with occasionally checking my watch. Especially through/after the hills. Saw the slowdown in hills, picked it up after. Two more hills after the worst one, but was able to maintain. The rain was invigorating and refreshing. Pushed a bit more than planned, but had fun.
  • Rain checklist:
  • Backup shoes (good thing, I totally submerged one in a puddle)
  • Backup headphones
  • ziplock bag for phone
  • No glasses. 
  • Have fun! Embrace it! 
Friday: 5 miles before work. Decent night's rest. Goal to be in bed by 9, but as the time approached wasn't ready yet. In bed by 9:30, up a few minutes before my alarm. Coffee, workout (thought about skipping my workout since I had my minutes in, maybe I'll cut it short. Nope, completed it. Ready and out the door by 6. Air still slightly cool which was nice. Forgot to resolve my pace alert issue, 'doh! Went on feel, but tried not to over exert today. 8:15 ish for the first couple. The worst hill is about mid way, expected to lose some time there. Lost a few seconds, but not as bad as expected. Felt pretty good today. The week definitely got better as we got through it, hopefully that continues on to tomorrow's long run!
Saturday: 18 miles. (scheduled for 12, planned on 16). Hydrated, carb loaded, foam rolled, and in bed by 9:30. Up before my alarm clock. Coffee, hydrated, light stretch, and over to my trail by 6:30. My trail Pennypack Creek. Today.. My route got a bit mixed up, and then I had a few distractions. The run itself went well though. Park in the middle, Welsh and Terwood Rd. Did the more gradual side to Rockledge Park first. Started out slightly fast, and then settled into my pace by 1 mi. Just before Lorimar Park (around 1.6, Rockledge is 2.6) bumped into my wife's cousin, who's usually training for an Iron Man, turned around and ran back to the parking lot, picked up the pace a bit, still comfortable, but definitely faster than my marathon training pace. Nice to catch up for a few min, parted ways at the parking lot, hydrated at 3.2 ish. I'm usually at 5.2 at my first pass of the parking lot, will be doing math or just different later. Bumped into another friend for a min in the parking lot! Just for a moment. On to the more wooded side towards Byberry Rd. Still ahead of pace, eventually settling back in. Just before Byberry Rd (mile 6), call from work! I'm on-call, don't like these distractions, but comes with the territory. First call, not my issue yet, have to engage someone else, but first need their number. Txt someone. Keep running. Received number, paused, made call. Then they had to engage yet another person. Got them to email when they've done their part. I resume running. Checking my email every mile.  Hydrate as I pass my car. Off to the incline side to Rockledge Park again, for real this time, I think. Hesitating if I'll be able to make it to the end and back (45 min or so) before I have to work. I continue on. Sticking with my pace, not letting work rush me yet. Made it to Rockledge. On the way back, there was a leashed dog on the opposite side... The leash was too long, small dog almost nipped me! And I almost tripped over it. They apologized profusely, but still.. I digress. Continue on. Still checking my mail, they replied just before I passed my car, perfect timing! Paused at about 13.8. Mobile hotspot, logged into work. Completed what I had to before my laptop died! My laptop was plugged in last night, but the charger doesn't work when disconnected in the middle, doh! Resumed my run, was concerned I might tighten up too much for taking a break, I hydrated some more while I was at my car, was ok. Back to the more wooded side for a mile or so, knew I could turn around to get 16 in, but felt decent enough, kept on going! To the end and back. Slowed down 16-18 but within my goals. I ended my run at 18, but that left a long cool down. At least .5 got bored a couple times and almost started back up, tight, nah, that's enough! One other complaint today, a cyclist didn't say on your left and almost nipped me! Overall, besides the work, dog, bike distractions, I would say today was a good day! (and I didn't even have to use my A-K). 
I'm testing out Science in Sport (SiS) gels, will be sure to do a separate post. Use code 'TRYSIS25' for 25% off! 
Sunday: 1 mile. Rest day, one for the streak. Run Streak day 1,240. I use the term rest day loosely today, going hiking later. Ricketts Glen State Park. Will post pics on the following week's post. Hydrated like heck yesterday. Had a few beverages later, but not too many to undo the hydration. Felt slightly tight last night, but not bad. Well, this morning, overall soreness (like a full body workout, and going down steps was rough. Morning routine and light stretch, out the door around 7. Rough to start, but started out a bit fast, (7:45). Still rough, backed off. Planned to maintain around 8, but didn't want to over do it. Hiking later, tomorrow should be fun. lol..
This was week 8 marathon training, using the below plan.
marathon training plan
Image from Coach Jenny Hadfield

Weekly Summary:
Miles: scheduled mi 30 / completed 43 mi 
Strength Training: scheduled 80 min/ completed 108 min
What type of strength training do I do? Core: crunches, planks, leg raises. Weights: biceps, triceps, chest. 
Hydration goal met: 7 days   

Race Schedule 

09.08.19 - St Luke's Via Marathon I'm officially registered! Their Facebook page has a discount at the moment if you would like to join me! 

09.15.19 - Rock n Roll Philly Half Marathon. Use codes "19RNRBRP16" to save $16 off the half/full marathon and "19RNRBRP6" to save $6 off the 5k/10k! Race Preview, here!

11.24.19 - Philadelphia Marathon. My review from last yr, here. 

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 
If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave Joe G

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