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Summer Fueling: Try SiS!

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Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well!

I am excited to announce that I'm testing Science in Sport energy gels! As you all know, fueling and hydration are very important. Summer time, fueling and hydration are even more important as the heat and humidity gets worse, almost unbearable at times. The timing of this campaign works out great for me. I'm currently training for an end of summer marathon and then a half marathon, so I will be ramping up the miles through the hottest part of the year. Who's bright idea was that? lol... Good times, but I digress. Am looking forward to trying these out on my "long" run days!

One of the key advantages that SiS gels have, are they don't require water to wash them down! Not pasty like another gel brand. (does not require water to take, you should still hydrate as needed)

Taste: they aren't candy like, like some other gels, they are more natural tasting. Additional flavor profiles to be provided.

Nutrition info: I'm not a scientist/nutritionist or claim to be. The carbohydrate, caffeine, sodium, magnesium, details etc are attached within the the flavor links.

Flavors: that I will be sampling below (more options on their site)
Apple - GO Isotonic Energy
Double Espresso - Go Energy + Double Caffeine

Lemon + mint - GO Energy Electrolyte
Salted Strawberry - GO Energy Electrolyte

Opinion: my thoughts on the flavors
Double Espresso: my favorite! Mixed reviews on this one, but I was a big fan of this one! As you may know, I love coffee, and these are very coffee like and contains caffeine!

Apple: light, refreshing, almost like a light applesauce.

Lemon +Mint: A little sweeter than expected, not too tart. Like a sweet lemonade with a hint of lime.

Salted Strawberry: almost like a strawberry jam taste, but not too sweet, the salt is a nice touch as your sweating it out and need to replenish! 

My trial period is over the course of about 2 months, plus a few extra ;).  Some of my weekly long runs have been up to 3 plus hours. I typically fuel about every 45 minutes. I have found that these have helped meet my fueling needs along the way. I have also on occasion taken them on a shorter mid week training day, where I was a bit tired before heading out, helped with an extra boost to get me going! 
Since some of the gels contain electrolytes, I have found it's great to alternate doses along the course of a long run day. As I would with fluids in a long race, alternating between water and the electrolyte drink that is provided.

One concern I have when trying a new fuel, tummy issues. I am happy to say, I didn't experience any tummy issues. But what works for one may not work for all. We are all different and have different reactions. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck to everyone training, be sure to fuel  and hydrate properly (always) but especially during the summer. Be safe out there!

Free fuel: I'm also hosting a contest on my facebook page, giving away a six pack of gels to two lucky winners. Be sure to check out my facebook post. 
Be sure to check out the site/social and discounts below:

Use the below code to save!
'TRYSIS25' to save 25%!

Site and Socials: 
Facebook: scienceinsport.usa
Twitter: ScienceinSport
IG: scienceinsport

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