Sunday, September 15, 2019

Weekly Running Report: September 15, 2019

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Any recent races or training for one, which ones? How's it going?

This week was a bit of a mix for me. Marathon recovery, with a half marathon on Sunday! Who's bright idea was that? Was signed up for one way in advance and then tempted to do the other. Idea of doing both? Well, not the best idea, we'll see how that goes!

Monday: 2 miles. Day after the VIA Marathon, review here! Ice bath and hydrated like heck yesterday! Woke up sore and tight! (as expected) Tried sleeping in, but not comfortable and up early. Coffee! Stretch! and a slow light workout. Still wanted to work out a little bit after taking off last week. Removed some weight and did less reps. Did not do glute bridges, glutes are still sore! Set out to do 2 miles after. Questioned that plan early, but warmed up. Not comfortable, but manageable. Epsom salt bath after.
Tuesday: 3.11 miles. Tried sleeping in, somewhat successful. Up and slow moving. Coffee, workout, and out the door by 10 (10? slept in and really slow motivation today). Feeling a bit better, decided to try to do 5k. Quads a bit heavy, right hip a bit sore. But got going. Part of mile 1 avg was under 8. Reality set in and slowed down, faded to 8:20's-30's. Did an ice bath after.
Wednesday: 5 miles before work. Four days off from work, time to start seeting the alarm again. :( Went to bed early, excellent nights rest. Light workout.  Still completely dark at 6am, time to start wearing reflective gear! Wanted to do 4-5 miles today and then start cutting back. Legs still a bit heavy, wasn't easy, but manageable.
Thursday: 3.11 miles before work. Thunderstorm had me up around 3:30, tossed and turned, gave up trying to sleep a few minutes before my alarm. Could of used more rest, but Up! Coffee, light workout, and out the door a few minutes late? Ahead of schedule, but stomach needed a few more minutes. Out the door by 6:10. Humid! Legs heavy, blah, blah, blah, faded from 8:35-9. Soupy out there! Thought the accueweather app was going to say 100% humid, "only" 93%. Lol.. hydrating all day and going to to an ice bath tonight!
Friday: 1 mile. I try to write a brief note at some point later in the day. This was yesterday, and I don't remember. lol.. Two days before the race, no workout, and cutting it to 1 mile to have some sort of two day taper.
Saturday: 1 mile. Rest day, one for the streak. They say a good night's rest two days before a race is almost more important than the night going into it. Tried "sleeping in" Up at 5:30, but able to fall back to sleep. Up before 7, tried again, but that was it. Coffee and taking my time getting ready. Light stretch and out the door by 8:30. Not much hip pain this morning, felt a decent start. Didn't want to push it, but wanted to see how fresh my legs were. Exerted a bit, but didn't over do it. Could feel my hip tighten up a bit afterwards. May be doing cryotherapy today instead of an ice or Epsom bath. 
Sunday: 13.1 miles! Rock N Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon! Sorry, no race day details. Race recap will be in a separate post. ;) Will be hydrating plenty and an ice bath!
Weekly Summary: I usually include plan schedule vs completed, no set plan this week. Recover and wing it. 
Miles: 28 miles
Strength Training: 68 minutes
Hydration goal (gallon) met: 7 days  

Race Schedule: 

09.15.19 - Rock n Roll Philly Half Marathon. Use codes "19RNRBRP16" to save $16 off the half/full marathon and "19RNRBRP6" to save $6 off the 5k/10k! Race Preview, here!

11.24.19 - Philadelphia Marathon. My review from last yr, here!

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 

If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave Joe G

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