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Weekly Running Report: December 29th, 2019

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well!

How's training going for you? Any recent races or training for one? Did everyone get their miles in around the holiday, or taking a break till next yr? 

This was Week 3 of 20 of marathon training for the NJ Marathon for me. Lingering chest congestion, but getting through it.  

My Week in Training: 

Monday: 5 miles before work. Sunday, had a couple beverages during football, but didn't over do it. Goal to get a good night's rest to start the week. Still a bit tired, but decent rest. Coffee and workout (core and arms/shoulders) and out the door by 6. Pacing 8:20 to start, 8:30 as the inclines and hills added up. Not a great run, but better than expected for a Monday. 
Tuesday: 1 mile for the streak. Day off from work, but plans in a bit. Slept in, but not too late. Coffee, workout (core and chest). A little sore from yesterday, goal was to do a comfortable 8 min mi. Started ahead of pace and gradually backed off.
Wednesday: 6 miles. Tuesday, had a holiday party at noon. Indulged in a few beverages, and a couple more as a night cap. Day off from work (Christmas), but had to work for a few minutes (5:30 am), Tired, but got my workout in (Core and arms/shoulders). Goal to head out around 7 (to do presents at 8), a few minutes behind schedule. 7:15 ish. Tired, but got into rhythm, pace slightly better than expected for being tired. Still coughing a bit, almost gagging a couple times. My left shin was sore as well, hurt to land. Will be using KT Tape and keeping an eye on it.
Thursday: 1 mile before work. Wed, in bed by 9, up a couple times before my alarm, but could of used more sleep. Coffee, workout (core and chest) and out the door by 6:30. Shin wasn't as bad this morning. Breathing still a bit off, tough to work on cadences with a little congestion in my chest. But felt decent. Coughing episode after, but progress.
Friday: 5 miles before work. Thu, made a point to take it easy and get a good night's rest. May have even taken a short nap after work. Dozed off for a few. Tired, but of course a second wind before bed. Got 7.25 hours, but tired to start. Coffee, workout (core and arms/shoulders) and out the door by 6. Temps were nice, 40's! Started with hat/gloves, but ditched them early. Working on breathing/cadences to start, but still have some congestion in my chest. Pacing 8-8:10's to start, 8:20 as the inclines and hills added up. Worst hill is mid way (nice gradual incline for .5, cant avoid) and still adding an extreme hill at the end (short but very steep, avoidable but  adding for fun). Before the last hill, almost tripped. Was transitioning from sidewalk to street and had a coughing episode at the same time and stubbed my toe, able to catch myself to avoid falling. Left shin noticeable, but not bad. Could feel the last hill, but decent overall.
Saturday: 9 miles. Long run day, trail day, yay! Fri, intentions of going to bed early, but got sucked into a movie. Up slightly later than planned, 10 pm. Still set my alarm to get up early, but took my time getting ready. At my trail by 7. My trail Pennypack Creek. Park in the middle, Welsh and Terwood Rd. Did the more gradual incline side to Rockledge Park and back first. Started out pacing at 8:25 but along the inline to 8:40. Sill some congestion and hacking along the way, but trying to work on cadences. Picked up the pace on the way back to the midway point, 8:15. Fueled at 5 mi and hydrated at my car at 5.25.  Off to the more wooded side to ByBerry Rd for a bit, turned around with 1.5 to go, which left me with a long cool down after 9, miscalc'd the turnaround point by a bit. Probably should have left my app running since I resumed running after 9 mi. If I based pace on feel early, would of been doing 8:45 overall, but able to pick it up and felt good keeping it under 8:30. Shin wasn't much of an issue. Some lower back pain before starting, foam rolled and a non-issue. Scheduled for 9 mi, thought about going further, but thinking I should reset/refresh a bit for the beginning of this training plan, and felt good today, didn't want to over do it just yet. 
Full pics on FB
Sunday: 1 mile. Rest day, one for the streak. Run Streak Day 1436. Saturday, in bed shortly after 10 and slept past 8:30, almost 9. 10+ hours rest! Up and taking my time this morning. Some lower back pain, I blame the yard work. Foam rolled and stretched it out. Out the door around 10:30. Goal to do a comfortable 8 min mi. Pacing started at 7:45. Trying to work on cadences, but still have a tiny bit of chest congestion, still tough getting breathing correct. As my route goes down hill, pace was 7:35, but could feel my shin, wasn't trying to push it, faded back on the uphill. Decent run, but could do without the congestion. Left shin has been comes and goes, sore from yesterday. Already have KT Tape on it, will try to stretch for tomorrow. Will be taking it easy remainder of the day, not over do any football beverages and get a good night's rest. 
Weekly Summary:
Miles: 25 miles scheduled /  28 completed miles
Strength Training: Minimum 80 minutes, 121 minutes completed
What type of strength training do I do? Core: crunches, planks, leg raises. Weights: biceps, triceps, chest. 
Training Plan: 
This was week 3 marathon training for NJ Marathon, using the below plan.

marathon training plan
Image from Coach Jenny Hadfield
Race Schedule: 

04.26.2020 - NJ Marathon, I have registered for the full. They also have 5k, Half Marathon, and Marathon Relay options. Use code 20NJMBibRave to save $5 off registration!

10.11.2020 - Chicago Marathon

11.22.2020 - Philly Marathon

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 
If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave Joe G

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