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Weekly Running Report: March 8, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well!

How's training going for you? Any recent races or training for one?  Anyone do the L.A. Marathon or any other races this weekend? 
How did it go? 

This was week 13 of 20 of marathon training for the NJ Marathon for me. Join me 04/25-26! (discount at bottom of post) :)

My Week in Training:

Monday: 7 miles before work. Oh Monday, we meet again, but this time I was ready for you. Sunday, hydrated, foam rolled, used my Belifu TENS gadget, and went to bed on time. Up once or twice, but a good night's rest for a Sunday (usually have problems admitting the weekend is coming to an end). Up at my alarm, coffee and workout (core and arms/shoulders) slow to start, but got going and felt good. Out the door by 6. Was feeling Saturday's long run yesterday, a bit today, but giving it a whirl. Pace: goal 8:15, plan on 8 ish until the hills. Well, felt better than expected! 7:40's at my midway hill and 7:50 after. Still 3.5 miles to go, but some hope! In mile 5, still added my short extreme hill that I could easily go around, rather challenge myself with hills than excitement of a few seconds faster. Through the hills, but still have 15 minutes to go, most roads still have at least some incline. Felt it before the end, but made it through. It's my top four 7 milers, looking back at the dates, it's my number 1 with hills vs the 3 ahead that were flatter at the trail.

Tuesday: 1 mile before work. Monday, foam rolled, ready for and in bed on time, but not a great night's rest. Tossed/turned a bit and slept until my alarm. Coffee and workout (core and chest), slow to start but got it done. Stretch my back out and out the door by 6:30. A little sore, but not bad. Pushed it a bit. Alerts in the 6:40's and pushing. Hill at .6, faded a bit and maintained at 7. Exerted, but not all out, felt good for the most part. Temps were nice too. Ditched my hat/gloves before even starting, and was warm midway. Could probably have gone with short sleeves if I checked before stepping out. 
Wednesday: 6 miles before work. Tues, foam rolled and in bed just a few min late, maybe 15 minutes, but tossed/turned for a bit. Watch says 7 hours sleep, with 2 light with a little restless, but I was tired this morning. Overall soreness and stuffy as well. Coffee and workout (core and arms/shoulders), felt decent. Stretch my back out and out the door by 6. Wasn't feeling it today and it showed early. As I was settling in my pace alerts were getting slower. lol.. Through the motions, not feeling it but applying effort. Mile 1 was my slowest (at least 1 alert near 8:25), mile 2 was my fastest. Wouldn't say that I was feeling better, but making a conscious effort/working on cadences/breathing/ foot strike helped. Somehow avg 7:50 ish before my midway hill, 8 after. Took effort to maintain near there and added another hill. Was pretty happy with today's results. Under 8:10 on a day that felt like over 8:30. Sidenote: last night was trash night and we had extreme wind, trash cans down left and right, was wondering if I'd see any scavengers, saw a skunk! about .1 away, no pic as it ran across the street and down someone's yard!
Thursday: 1 mile before work. Wed, could have gotten a better night's rest! Out to dinner and drinks, that couldn't be it, could it?  Up at 3 for a bit, back to sleep and did not want to get up when that alarm went off! Coffee and workout (core and chest). Slow to start, but felt so much better at the end. Wide awake and ready to go. Out the door by 6:30. A little sore. Not all out, but pushed it a bit. Low 7's. A couple alerts sub 7, but knew I couldn't sustain that today. Crazy how tired I was when the alarm went off and was full of energy on my way to work. 
Friday: 4 miles before work. TGIF! Thu, foam rolled and in bed on time, up once, and again a few min before my alarm, up! Ready to go! Coffee and workout (core and arms/shoulders), stretch my back out, and out the door by 6. A little sore, aren't we always? lol.. Neck and shoulder. Maybe slept funny, maybe from working out, who knows. Legs not that bad. Looking fwd to today's run. Only scheduled for 4, first 4 miler since before this training cycle, and that may have been during recovery. So, ready to see what we can do today. My 4 mi route used to be one of my regular runs, my longer midweek runs involve going back and forth each street in my hood. This goes down, around, up, down, up and back. First mi felt good, but almost messed that up early hitting a pot hole. 7:40's before my first hill, mid 7:40's after. Maintaining with another hill in mi 3. Legs did get heavy, but maintaining. Felt good to push it a bit. 2nd best 4 miler! Felt good, but still sore, and intimidated about tomorrow's 18 miler.
Saturday: 18 miles. Long run day, trail day, yay! 18 miles? Good week of training thus far, but a combination of being a little achy and a little intimidation of the distance, wasn't necessarily excited. But ready to go. Friday, hydrated, carb loaded, foam rolled, and in bed on time. Woke up once thinking it was almost time, was only 12:30 lol.. Up before my alarm, coffee and ready ahead of schedule. At my trail by 6:15. My trail Pennypack Creek. Park in the middle, Welsh and Terwood Rd. If I do my trail 1.5 times and back for about 16, may be adding a bit at the ends to avoid crossing the mid section light more than twice. Started out going towards the more gradual incline side towards Rockledge Park. Pacing: planned on 9ish, settled in at 8:50 extremely comfortable there early. Rockledge Park end, left the trail about 24 minutes in, there's a nice steep hill in the neighborhood nearby, did the hill, continued on to the main street of the town, turned around after 10 minutes and head back to the trail. Hill and decent route to add 20 minutes to get the 2+ mi that I was looking to add. Rockledge Park and back to the midway point. Pacing still on point, a few early occasions I may have picked up a few seconds and would pull back when I realized. Fueled at 6 mi, hydrated as I passed my car, and off to the more wooded section towards ByBerry Rd. Trying not to think about the mileage too often, but was happy to hear when I passed 9 mi for the midway point. Still feeling decent. Turn around at ByBerry and back to midway, hydrated at my car again. back to the incline side to Rockledge. Incline as the miles add up, but chugging away. Fueled at 13 mi. Was going to at 12, oops. Rockledge turnaround with 2.3 to go. Heavier legs tightening up, but still some energy somehow. Pacing 8:48, able to split a bit. Mile 17 was my fastest, felt it in 18, but still faster than avg, ended with 8:40 avg. From being achy and paranoid, today's run went according to plan. And that nearby hill I added made my trail run go from the usual 300 ft to 500 ft ascent. :) This was also my fastest 18 miler to date, but long runs are supposed to be slow, not sure if that's a good thing. 
Full trail pics on Facebook
Sunday: Rest day, one for the streak. Run Streak Day 1506. Saturday, thought about doing an ice bath after my run, but got chilly after my cool down and couldn't bring myself to do it, did a hot Epsom salt bath instead. Used my Belifu TENS gadget. Hydrated, and then maybe offset by drinks. Decent night's rest, but woke up tight and sore. Coffee and taking my time, stretch out a bit, loosened up, but still sore. Out the door around 9. Definitely not pushing it today. Through the motions. Will try to do an ice bath and work on recovery today to get ready for tomorrow's 6 miler.

Weekly Summary:
Miles: 35 miles scheduled, 38 completed miles
Strength Training: Minimum 80 minutes, 161 minutes completed. 
What type of strength training do I do? Core: crunches, planks, leg raises. Weights: biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest. 
Training Plan: 
This was week 13 marathon training for NJ Marathon, using the below plan.
marathon training plan
Image from Coach Jenny Hadfield
Race Schedule: 

04.26.2020 - NJ Marathon, I am registered for the full! They also have 5k, Half Marathon, and Marathon Relay options. Use code 20NJMBibRave to save $5 off registration!

10.11.2020 - Chicago Marathon

11.22.2020 - Philly Marathon

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 

If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave Joe G

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