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Weekly Running Report: July 5, 2020

Hi Everyone! 

Hope you are all doing well!

How's training going? Doing any virtual challenges, or dare I say an IRL race? How'd they go? Doing any other outdoor activities to keep yourself busy?

I'm still doing the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee (for the foreseeable future),  Experiencing some over training aches/pains, but getting through it (for now). Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Less then a month to go! 

Week 6 of 20 until Chicago Marathon. 

Monday: 10+ miles. Day off from work, trail day, yay! Sunday, foam roll/stretch, hydrate. But with the 3 day weekend, offset hydration a bit, stayed up past my bed time, and even slept in! Coffee and taking my time.. Got to the trail a later than usual, almost 9 o'clock! So late, and the parking lot was packed! Was not expecting that on a "random" Monday. My trail Pennypack Creek. Park in the middle, Welsh and Terwood Rd. Doing the more open/gradual incline side to Rockledge Park first. Hobbling a bit to start, but eventually settled in. Then the heat/humidity set in! Fueled at 5 mi, hydrated at my car at 5.5 mi. Then off to the more wooded side to ByBerry Rd. I swear it's more shaded over there, but the open gaps of sun were still rough. Drained early, but got my 10 in. 
Full pics on Facebook
Tuesday: 5 miles before work. Monday, hydrated like heck, foam roll, stretch, iced my shin as it started to throb later in the day.  Decent night's rest. Shin still feeling it this morning, had some concerns if i'd get 5 in. Coffee, workout, stretch, KT Tape, and out the door by 6. Slow to start! Short/steep hill to start, felt like I was in slow motion! Ankle/shin tight to start, but was more manageable after .5 ish. Comfortable pace, but felt like I could push it near the end, which I haven't had energy to do in a bit!
Month End: Tuesday was the last day of June. A few stats below.
Wednesday: 7 miles before work. Tuesday, iced my shin, foam rolled, stretched. Feeling decent before bed. In bed on time asleep.. but woke up at 2:30 and was eventually wide awake! Tossed/turned for a while, actually thought about just getting up. Fell back to sleep before 4 and had funky dreams, up just before my alarm. Coffee, a little slow to start. Ankle/shin weren't bad going down stairs, could feel the discomfort, but not bad. Workout, stretch, and out the door by 6. Of course the humidity is still 90+%, whatever, it's summer. Hydrate, drain, and deal, and then hydrate again. Could feel my ankle/shin slightly at the start, but better than yesterday. Pace was slow to start, but got more comfortable in the first mile. Felt decent until the hills, legs got a bit heavy and energy drained. But overall comfort level wasn't bad. 
Thursday 4 miles before work. Wed, iced my ankle/shin, foam rolled, stretched, and in bed on time. Thank goodness for that! 3rd shift called me at 3:45. Valid issue to be escalated, reviewed, yada. Once verified to a point, was able to get my workout in while monitoring the situation. Stretched. Issue still ongoing at my normal run time, grrr. lol.. Not that bitter, will still get my run in. Situation was at a point where my first shift teammates can monitor/handle when they get in. Stretch and out the door by 7. "Only" doing 4 today. Will be doing a couple extra tomorrow for the holiday. Started out in a hurry to get back to work, pushing it slightly. But overall soreness took care of that. Couldn't breathe either. Not sure if it was the humidity or pollen count, etc, but completely stuffy. Faded in the second half after the hills, per usual. Back to work by 8! Oh, and I had to use backup headphones, my AfterShokz weren't with my gear and I was in a hurry, found them later on my backup charger! 'doh! 
Friday: 11 miles. Day off from work (July 3rd gov holiday), extra day at the trail, yay! Decided to do 11 today. My Chicago Marathon training plan is starting to go into double digits, I probably would of done 10 if I didn't double check the plan. lol.. Figured I'd do it today and wing it tomorrow. Thu, iced my ankle/shin, foam rolled, hydrated. Did have a couple Thirsty Thu drinks, but behaved myself. In bed on time and up before my alarm. Coffee, taking my time, stretch, and at my trail by 6. My trail Pennypack Creek. Park in the middle, Welsh and Terwood. Doing the more open/gradual incline side to Rockledge Park first. Ankle/Shin a bit tight, a bit of a limp the first 3 minutes, but stride opened up as I warmed up. Pacing goal was 9-9:09, but had doubts early. Started out in the 8:50's but faded to low 9's early. A bit warm and sore, wasn't able to really push it. At the Rockledge turnaround, decided to do an offshoot trail for about 5 minutes. Trail is 10.7 ish, adding a few minutes somewhere, decided to get it in there. But had to keep an eye on footing because it's a real trail with rocks/roots, etc  Back to my trail, back to the parking lot. Pacing 9:09, usually able to split on the way back from the incline, barely. Fueled at 5.5, hydrated at my car at 6. Off to the more wooded/shaded side to ByBerry Rd. Legs started to feel better for a bit. Pace didn't pick up, but felt better. Turnaround at the ByBerry end and back. A little warm, tired, sore, but felt great to get it in! 
Full pics on Facebook
Saturday: 10 miles. Long run day, trail day, yay?! Friday, did an ice bath and hydrated very well.. but.. Since I already got my "scheduled" long run in, I treated Friday night more like a Saturday night.. Went out to eat, had beverages, and stayed up past my bed time. up before my alarm, but tired! Coffee, and really taking my time. Hydrate, stretch, and at my trail shortly after 6. My trail Pennypack Creek . Park in the middle, Welsh and Terwood Rd. Bumped into my friend before starting. Thankful for that. Started out on the more open/gradual incline side to Rockledge Park. Started off with the slight limp again, but got better as it warmed up. Humid as heck! Between humidity/allergies, could barely breathe! Drenched very early. As we were progressing towards Rockledge, my buddy suggested we go check out another section of the trail for a few minutes. Few minutes? sure.. Near Lorimer Park, we took a side shoot to Pennypack Trail. Down a steep hill, a paved trail connecting to the main Pennypack Trail, which goes all the way to Philly! I committed to a few minutes, that turned into a couple miles. Made sure we turned around at 3.5 miles. If I had a hydration vest, would definitely love to see more! Pacing slowed down a bit on the way back, with a wicked hill at Lorimer Park. Fueled at 5.5 mi. Bumped into another buddy at Lorimer and took a 5-10 min break, it was a nice break. Resuming, had slightly more energy and being drenched was nice and cool for a bit. That only lasted for so long, reality set back in. Warmed up, and fading. Hydrated as we passed our cars at 7 mi. Bumped into our speedy friend, did 3 miles with them, but felt like we were holding them back the entire time. Humid, tired, but fun! Would love to check out that other trail, but would have to rethink my hydration strategy. Currently, I can pass my car once an hr, if I did that side trail towards Philly, would have to bring my hydration with me.. We shall see! 
Full pics on Facebook
Sunday: 5 miles. Rest day? Ha.. Good one. Saturday, hydrated really well, did an ice bath. Failed to foam roll. :( Hydration offset by a few drinks, but hydrating along the way. No alarm this morning, but didn't exactly "sleep in". Coffee and taking my time, foam roll/stretch my back out, and at my trail by 6:45. Another trail day? Sure, why not. No major plans, will take it easy and see how many miles are left in the tank. Planned on doing at least 5, possibly 10. Ankle/shin felt some discomfort, but much better than recently. My trail Pennypack Creek . Park in the middle, Welsh and Terwood Rd. Did the more open side to Rockledge Park first. Pacing. Well, my pace alerts were accidently disabled in my Nike+ app. Usually have them set to 1 minute notifications. No alerts was a little frustrating to start, but decided to just keep going on feel. Went with a "comfortable" pace. On the way back from Rockledge, decided to end my run at 5. Could probably have done a little more, but warm out and drained, wanted to conserve whatever I have left. Still glad I got out to the trail for a bit.  If I knew I would only be doing 5, I would have chosen the more wooded/shaded section. Whatevs
Weekly Summary:
Miles: 53.5 miles 
#GVRAT1000k: 5.2 mi/day avg needed to complete. Current avg: 7.4 (05/01-current)  
489.05 miles done, 145.95 to go! 

Strength Training: Goal 120 minutes. 95 minutes completed. I am such as slacker! Two days off from work, two days off from working out, "sleep in" until running time? Slacker!
What type of strength training do I do? Core: crunches, planks, leg raises. Weights: biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest. 
Training Plan: 
Week 6 of 20 until Chicago, loosely following the below, will adhere a bit closer in a few weeks. 
marathon training plan
Image from Coach Jenny Hadfield
Race Schedule: 

05.01-08.31.2020 The "Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000k". A good challenge for me. The daily/weekly/monthly average is just a bit beyond my training. My peak marathon training weeks barely meet it. Should be a good challenge to keep me ready till fall training. 

10.11.2020 - Chicago Marathon

11.22.2020 - Philly Marathon

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 

If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave Joe G

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