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Weekly Running Report: April 4, 2021

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well! 

How's training going? Any races (IRL or virtual)?  

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This was Week 17 of 20 marathon training for Gettysburg North-South Marathon for me. Three weeks to go! Race still has open spots if you're interested! 

My Week in Training:

Monday: 7 miles. Sunday, did an ice bath (first one since before winter! I do prefer them over epsom, but just can't get myself to do them when trying to defrost in winter), hydrated well, foam rolled, stretched, toe spreaders, massage gun, and plenty of relaxation. Decent night's rest, but could of used more. Up before my alarm, but waited it out and didn't want to get up. Coffee, short workout (30 min now, 15 later), and out the door by 6. Wind was howling through the night, and still going, and a little cool. Going to be an interesting one! Moving my sched a bit, this should be tomorrow's speed day, but not really feeling it. Definitely had a case of the Monday's through my workout and run (and at work later). Pacing, focus on breathing and foot strike, went better than expected. But not trying to over do it today.  7:40's till the hills, 7:50 to just below 8 after. Added two more hills for fun. I changed my 7 mi route during the snow and have pretty much been sticking to it. It has more hills than previously, but I could add one more hill from my old route. Fun times.. lol.. Today's run went well and am happy with it, just wasn't in the mood for Monday in general. Oh and there was plenty of debris from the wind. It's yard trash day, and it blew from curbs to the street, and a large branch was hanging down on a sidewalk that I almost hit. 'Doh! 
Tuesday: 1 mile. 1? Over the past weekend I decided that this week's long run will be done on Friday. So the entire week was moved up a day. Tuesday is now Wednesday. Strength training/non-running/do what I want mileage for the streak. Decided since it's a peak week, will cut back to try to get ready. Mon, failed to foam roll, 'doh!. at least I hydrated well. Decent rest, but was up once in the middle of the night and almost wide awake for a bit. A little rough when that alarm hit, but up. Coffee, 50 minute strength training, and eventually out the door for 1 and done. Since I was feeling alright at the time, decided to push it. Worked on breathing, focus on foot strike, etc. Starts with a short steep incline to level, felt it, but off to a good start. First pace alert sub 7. Regrouping as it leveled, picking it up. Was rough, but gaining momentum. Decline for a bit, pace down to 6:40's. Uphill and then a later incline to end. Rough, but done! unfortunately my shin throbbed a bit after. 
Wednesday: 7 miles. Tues, hydrated well, foam rolled, iced my shin, and a decent night's rest. Up early again and waited out the alarm. Coffee, short workout, and out the door by 6. Pacing, off to a decent start, but trying not to worry about pace rest of the week. Cruising on into long run day. Or so that's the plan. Weather was nice. No need for long sleeves, and not hot, yet... Comfortable, enjoying the run. Pacing 8:15ish, shins did feel it a bit, and faded through the last few hills. Didn't want to skip the hills, and didn't feel like pushing to maintain either. lol.. Was nice to enjoy the run and not stress. 
Thursday: 4 miles. Wed, hydrated well, foam rolled, iced my shin, an an ok night's rest. In bed on time, but almost felt early. Up at 3 ish, wide awake at 3:30, and gave up at 4. Coffee and got an good 45 min workout in. Ahead of sched, but not rushing out the door. Other "routines" needed their sched as well. lol.. Out the door by 6. Back to being a bit chilly, and misty to light rain throughout. Was actually nice and invigorating. Pacing: balance here. wanting to get hills and comfy but also wanting to push it a bit. Off to a decent start, but legs getting heavy and feeling my shin just a bit. Majority sub 8, but faded just passed and went with it. Was just happy to be out there. A little concern regarding my shin and tomorrow's 21 miler.. We shall see... 
Thursday, got my first covid shot! This brought some additional concern if I'd be able to do my long run tomorrow. Hydrated very well after. Arm/shoulder pain, but non-issue for running.
Friday: 21 miles! Moved the week up by a day. With the day off from work, figured I would be either bored trying to take it easy or doing chores risking over exerting something. Moved tomorrow to today, got the sched miles in. Monday was moved to previous Sunday rest day and so forth. Thu, hydrated very well, foam rolled, iced my shin, carb loaded, relaxed, and in bed on time. up just before my alarm. Coffee and taking my time. On-call for work, 3rd shift got me, but I was already up. lol.. Resolved in time. Over to my trail by 6:40. My trail . My trail is 11 mi. (5.5x2), adding 5 ish around Rockledge, and the remainder to Pennypack Park. Started out going to Byberry Rd and back. Pacing started out slightly slow, sped it up and then got into rhythm. 8:30's to 40's for a bit and eventually to 8:50's. Felt my shin and overall tightness to start. Had some doubts, but kept with it. Byberry Rd end, would have loved to sneak into the business complex next door for a couple miles, but they are open for business today.. Back to midway parking lot. Hydrated (didnt feel the need to, but did). Off to the more gradual incline side to Rockledge. Fading slightly. Rockledge, did two loops around their hood. (Including a hill I am the strava local legend of) Faded up the hill both times. Legs felt like jelly at the top, but regained composure. Still 9 some miles to go. Rockledge Park back. Lorimer Park, side trail to Pennypack park for a bit. Hate doing math when I'm tired. 7 ish miles to go, hope to return with about 1.5. Did a 30 min count down and hoped for the best. A bit technical in a couple places, but eventually paved. Forgot that the further into the park, the more hills. Dreaded each one. lol..Faded 8:50's to 9. out here. on the return, a few more hills. Lorimer Park, 1.3 to go! Timed just about right! Legs were heavy, but wasnt feeling a "wall", tried to push a bit on the way back. mental battle the entire day, but was able to. last mi was the fastest mile.  Going in, had anxiety about the day in general, and with recent shin issues only added. Plan was to be patient for the first couple hours in order to survive the third+.  Shin bothered me the first hr, but was a non issue after. Was sure to stay on top of hydration, especially having gotten my covid shot yesterday. 
Full pics on Facebook
Saturday: 1 mile for the streak. Feels weird being able to stay up late on a Friday and "sleep in" a Saturday, but was nice. Friday, Epsom bath, hydrated well, foam rolled, stretched. Did have beverages with a friend for lunch and again at dinner, but was sure to hydrate. Was up at 5am, but able to fall back to sleep for a bit.. some funky dreams in the 2nd round! Up at 7 and taking my time. Coffee, 30 minute core workout, and eventually out the door for a streak day mile. Shin and overall soreness from yesterday, pretty much a go through the motions kind of day. Legs were heavy, felt like slow motion. Pacing 7:50's most of the way, faded up the hill and incline before the end.  Will be sure to continue focus on recovery! 
Sunday: 6 miles. Wasn't sure what to do today. lol.. Moved the past week up a day and will be back on sched tomorrow. I didn't skip any runs, just moved them up, skipped last sun rest day. Figured between 5-6 and then follow tomorrow as normal. Set out to do 6. Sat, did an ice bath, hydrated well, failed to foam roll/stretch. Had plans mid day to early evening. Once settled in for the night, totally slipped my mind. oops..  Sat, also had beverages midday, but still hydrated. Also stayed up past my bed time (sat is usually the only day I would do that). "Slept in" to about 7. Coffee and really taking my time. Got a 30 min core workout in and out the door by 9. Still feeling Friday's long run, sore and stiff. Settled into a comfortable pace in the 7:50's for a bit. Felt all the hills and questioned why I added a couple more, but did. Faded past 8, but didn't really care. Enjoying the run. Somewhat. Temps were nice, grey to start, sun eventually popped out. Flowers starting to bloom. Couple side notes, a few bocks in, two small scrappy dogs were barking from their porch. I said to myself, please be leashed, please be leashed, nope! An no owners in sight! Came after me a bit, I turned back to lure them in the direction of their home and they went back. People, please leash your dogs! Second side note, saw a bunny during my cool down. Had to get a pic for Easter! Happy Easter to those who celebrate! 
Outside of Running: 
What did I do besides run, workout, work, and chores this week? One outing to lunch and drinks with a friend. One outing to dinner and drinks with my spouse, and one outing w/ my pops who I haven't seen in three months due to their winter getaway to fl. (was not a fan of them goin to fl this yr due the pandemic), but turned out to be completely safe. All they did was golf, social distance, and ended up getting their shots earlier down there than they would of up here.. 
What shows/movies did I watch this week? Baseball (season has begun, woohoo!), The Walking Dead, South Park, The Office, Falcon and Winter Soldier (loving it!), a documentary on Bernie Madoff, crazy stuff! 
Q: How about you? Anything exciting outside of running? Any adventures? binge watching anything?

Weekly Summary:
Miles:  Weekly 47.7 miles running completed 
Year to Date: 639  miles running
Hill Goal (for the yr):   35669/100k elevation gain. Initial goal 100k to beat last yr's 98k. 
Strength Training: Goal 180 minutes, 254 minutes completed. What type of strength training do I do? Core: crunches, planks, leg raises. Weights: biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest. 
Hydration Goal:  7 days 
Foam Roll: 5 days 
Training Plan:  Week 17 of 20 using the below training plan. Plan titled "Advanced", please note, I in no way consider myself advanced. I have used the intermediate plan for four seasons, and want to try the next level. We shall see if I survive! lol.. 

Image from Coach Jenny Hadfield
Race Schedule: 

Be sure to check out my Race and Gear discount pages from my blog site. #BibRavePro ;)

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 

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