Sunday, July 16, 2017

My week in running 07/16/17

How's everyone's training going? My running summary week ending 07/16.

  • Monday: 1 mile. had to do last week's long run on Sunday. Monday was rest day. One for the streak. #RWRunStreak 
  • Tuesday: 5 miles at the trail.
  • Wednesday 5 miles around the neighborhood. Work from home lunch run. Will probably be cutting these back to 4. Cool down and actual lunch after are cutting into getting back to work. Lol
  • Thursday 4 miles at the trail.  Most of the day had a heat advisory, close to 100. About 30 min before leaving work, the sky went dark (4pm). Storm came through. Heading to the trail, the rain cleared up a bit and the temps cooled. Weather app showed the storm still hanging around, but I ignored that since the it cleared up a bit. half way through, it came down hard! I don't mind the rain, especially when it's giving break to the temps. But definitely need to pay attn to the trees. Havent seen one fall yet, but the trail does get closed off every once in a while for fallen tree cleanup.
  • Friday: 5k around the neighborhood. 
  • Saturday: long run day! 11 miles at trail. Went to bed early, got up early. It's my on call week for work, no issues overnight, decent sleep. Coffee, light breakfast, and water. Checked work before heading out, all good. Got to the trail just after 7. Started on the tougher side of the trail to get the hills out. About 1 mi in, there's yellow tape closing it off. Being a stubborn, and I wasn't the only one, went around the tape. About 1/4 from that, bulldozer and chain saws doing fallen tree cleanup! Lol turn around, pass my car, didn't need water yet, kept going. Did the other side of the trail and back. Stopped for water and refueling. Not a fan of Gu chews, but I had a few left, no ill effects. Resumed the run, math off from earlier, but able to recalc. Was just a bit humid out. Lol
  • Sunday: rest day. 1 for the streak. #RWRunStreak

Upcoming races:
Registered for:

  • 09/17 - Rock N Roll Philly, last yr, my first half! Officially back in training mode. Been maintaining long runs at 10, hopefully ready to step it back up to 14. Definitely digging the bling! 

  • 10/08 - Army Ten Miler!  (in dc) #RunArmyRunStrong


  • 09/09 flying fish 5k. Good time last yr, just need to commit.
  • 10/20-22 runners world. Not sure if I'll be up for a half so soon after the ATM, may do the 5/10k.

Can't go, but would love to (sched conflicts):

  • 08/05 Bethlehem musik fest 5k
  • 10/07 troegs hop dash 5k
  • 10/08 yuengling logger jogger 5k

Good luck to everyone with their training, keep kicking butt!

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