Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week ending 07/23

Hi fellow runners!

How's everyone's training going?

My week in running:

  • Monday: 5 miles at the trail. Sunny all day. Overheard ppl mention it's going to storm at point. I go home, get changed, right as I leave, thunder! Thunder and drizzle as I head over. I leave my glasses in my car. About a mile in, I see an animal on the trail. Light brown, at first thought it was a deer, but looked much shorter and fatter. It heads down the small cliff. I approach with caution, but don't see it. Lack of glasses will keep me wondering what the heck that was! Lol. Rest of run not bad, plenty of thunder, but rain wasn't that bad. 
  • Tuesday: 4 miles at the trail. A bit humid, but manageable. 
  • Wednesday 5k around the neighborhood. Work from home day, lunch run. Busy day at work. As things calm down a bit before lunch I get ready to head out. Literally as I am about to set my away status on and take off I get pulled into an issue. Grrr...  already have a conf call right after lunch. Time was ticking. Got the issue resolved, and as with most "urgent" requests, it probably could of waited. Would have just ran after work, but had an appointment. Got my lunch run in, with a few min to spare. Heat was 89/ index 97. Def a bit warm, but the worst part was the air quality alert. Damn allergies. 
  • Thursday 5 miles at the trail. Heat index was 100 most of the day. Made a point to hydrate, 6 waters during the day. Went to the trail after work, only one other car there. The trail does have some shade, but it was definitely still steaming. To the end and back, did see a few bikers, few walkers and a couple runners. Run done, hydrate. Total water about 9.
  • Friday: 2 miles. Plan was to take it easy, 1-2 miles after work, before tomorrow's long run. Later in the day, was informed of dinner plans at 630. Run shouldn't be an issue. Well, darn work issues tried to get in the way. Leaving work at 430, to check back into work by 5, and then required to give hourly status updates. 5pm status done. Got my 2 miles around the neighborhood done. In a hurry, no pic/posts.. Was able to go out to dinner on time, but had to bring my laptop just in case. Blah. 
  • Saturday: 12 miles, long run day! Again work imposed a bit, not a good night's rest. Final work issue last night resolved at 11pm, but had to check back in at 430 am to review maintenance I performed. Light breakfast, coffee, and two waters. Work till about 630. At the trail around 7. Each half of the trail is about 5.25 back and forth. Did the slightly tougher side first, added a little extra at the end in a nearby neighborhood, turned around and back, passing the mid point/my car around 6 mi, grabbed a water. Humid/drenched, but still felt good. Waited about another mile, had a Gu chew. Not a fan, but waiting on gels I ordered online and still have a few chews left. Finish the other half and back, but passed my car, had another .3 or so left. Run felt good for about 3/4, but faded a bit more than preferred. Time to rehydrate! Two more waters by the time I get home, and another. Take a break for a couple light chores around the house. Cooled off, but time to head out for yard work! Silly me, but I want to get it out of the way for Sunday rest day. Hydrate, at least 9 waters for the day. 
  • Sunday: 1 mile. rest day, one for the streak. Day 547 #RWRunStreak. Up around my normal time of 6, shoulders and back a bit sore, either from running or yard work. Hydrated and stretched it out. Took my time around the house before getting ready around 930. One and done. Felt really good, but definitely a bit humid out. A few chores to do, but will try to take it easy rest of the day. 
Upcoming races:
Registered for:

  • 09/17 - Rock N Roll Philly, last yr, my first half! Officially back in training mode. Been maintaining long runs at 10. 11 and 12 done, 13 and 14 to do. 6 weeks to go! 

  • 10/08 - Army Ten Miler!  (in dc) #RunArmyRunStrong


  • 09/09 flying fish 5k. Good time last yr, just need to commit.
  • 10/20-22 runners world. Not sure if I'll be up for a half so soon after the ATM, may do the 5/10k.

Can't go, but would love to (sched conflicts):

  • 08/05 Bethlehem musik fest 5k
  • 09/16 Iron Pigs bacon 5k
  • 10/07 troegs hop dash 5k
  • 10/08 yuengling logger jogger 5k

Good luck to everyone with their training, keep kicking butt!

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