Sunday, July 30, 2017

Week ending 07/30

Hi fellow runners!

How's everyone's training going?!

Me week in training:

  • Monday: 5 miles at the trail. Without getting into too many specifics.. Got a good night's rest. Started the day with a great attitude. I remember saying to my coworker, wonder who's going to change that. Didn't last long, 830 meeting, finger pointing from one side at another, my dept not to blame, but in the middle. Irked. Whatever. Rest of the day alright, but realizing I have at least two meetings about the issue tomorrow ruined my mood. Got to the trail, ready to burn. Usually pace myself up the incline, with the intent of negative splits on the way back. Not today. Started out ahead of pace and decided to stick to it. Not my best 5 miler, but best in a bit. Between rest day yesterday and using it as thereapy today, felt great! 
Sidenote: smoke free signs everywhere, smoker on the trail today, what the heck?! How rude?!

  • Tuesday: 4 miles neighborhood run. Prefer the trail, as a get away, but still do a few runs around the neighborhood. Every other block has some good hills! 
Sidenote: if your car "accidentally" cuts me off at a crosswalk, I'm probably "accidentally" spitting on your car. Will probably get shot for something stupid like this..

  • Wed: 5k work from home lunch run around the neighborhood. Temps still nice, heat index 81. Not much to say about this run, going to try to take it easy Thu, hopefully long run Fri night. 
  • Thursday: 13.1 miles at the trail. So.. This coming weekend and next week are going to be a bit busy for me. Thinking about my sat to do list, I decided to move my long run to friday...  Thursday during the day, still thinking about my weekend, I realized my sched was wide open tonight. Not totally feeling it, but hey, why not?! Was somewhat hydrated. At the trail after work around 530. Did the side with the tougher incline first. Felt the humidity by mile 2. To that end and back, pass my car at mi 5.25, feeling decent, passed my opportunity to hydrate. Boo. Around mi 7 definitely questioning that. To the other side, fuel at 7.5. Humidity kicking, pass my car at 10.5, hydrate!! Back to the tougher side for 1.5 and back. Hydrate! Definitely wasn't prepared for this run, but glad I got it in! #RnRPhilly training. 14 miler coming up in a couple weeks! 
  • #Fuel, got home from my long run. My recent fuel has been some chews I had leftover. Still exploring fueling options, tried chews for a bit then tried gels. Didn't think I would like gels, but after having a bad reaction to a chew, decided to give it a whirl. Ran out of gel and still had a few chews left. Definitely like the gels a bit more. Ordered a case, but didnt receive it yet, got home, on my door step! Have tried a couple flavors, will let you know my results as we go. What's your fuel of choice? 
  • Friday: rest day, 1 mile for the streak. After last nights run, I had the idea of a morning run, but didn't set my alarm. Woke up around 5, tossed and turned, and said f it. Got up, did my morning workout. Got my mile in. The first .1 was a bit tight, but got it out. Just a but humid. Lol 
  • Saturday: 5k. Usually long run day, was a nice break to enjoy a couple extra beers on a Fri night. Took my time getting up. Worked for an hr and headed out. Hip and quads a bit sore, but run wasn't bad. Nice and cool out. Took a break afterwards before doing yard work. Got my 10k steps in. 
  • Sunday: 5 miles at the trail. Usually my rest day, but moving my long run changed up the sched. Weather was nice and cool. First few min were a bit fast. Cut back a notch, but able to maintain. Thought about going further, but didn't want to throw off the sched too much. Lol. 
Sidenote: there are signs everywhere to clean up after your dog, but I guess if you have a horse, no worries. Actually saw the horse today! There is a side path to someone that apparently has a horse, today first time seeing one on the trail. No pics, didnt want to pause. 🐎💩

Upcoming races:
Registered for:

  • 09/17 - Rock N Roll Philly, last yr, my first half! Officially back in training mode. Been maintaining long runs at 10. 11, 12,  and 13 done, 14 to do.

  • 10/08 - Army Ten Miler!  (in dc) #RunArmyRunStrong


  • 09/09 flying fish 5k. Good time last yr, just need to commit. Price increase tomorrow! 
  • 10/20-22 runners world. Not sure if I'll be up for a half so soon after the ATM, may do the 5/10k.

Can't go, but would love to (sched conflicts):

  • 08/05 Bethlehem musik fest 5k
  • 09/16 Iron Pigs bacon 5k
  • 10/07 troegs hop dash 5k
  • 10/08 yuengling logger jogger 5k

Good luck to everyone with their training, keep kicking butt!

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