Sunday, July 9, 2017

My week in running 07.09.2017

Mon 5 miles at the trail (pennypack trail, Huntingdon pa)

Tue (July 4th) 5 miles at the trail. Last minute decided to look for a 5k or any other races. Didn't see any in the area for the morning. Ended up having to work for a bit before getting out there. Went to the trail, around 10:30 place was packed! Literally the most packed I have ever seen the parking lot, ppl parking in the nearby business that was closed for the day. 

Wed 5 miles around the neighborhood. Wed is my work from home day. Usually get a run in on my lunch break. Don't know if it was the hills, lack of hydration, or lack of stretching, but my shins were killing me. Thought about cutting the run to 4, but mind was already set to 5. Stubborn. Afterward, decided to make a point to do a bit of stretching and to cut back a couple days. 

Thu 5k around the neighborhood. Did some stretching, shins a bit better, but still tight. 

Fri 5k around the neighborhood. Friday, had some sleep issues. After tossing and turning, decided to just get up and get my run in before work. (I work at 730). Admittedly, didnt do any stretching. Didn't feel that bad. 

Sat 5 miles around the neighborhood. Saturday is my usual "long" day, but I had plans at 9:30 and didn't want to risk being late. I usually alsoo sign into work  for a bit on sat to clean up any residual stuff before heading out. Done and got out the door to run by 8. Had plenty of time to spare.

Went to a #Phillies game, had some beers, they lost, got home from the game, had some more beers. Told myself, there's no way you're going to want to do 10 mi tomorrow... lol

Sun 10 miles at the trail. Took my time getting ready this morning. Lol. Didn't feel like eating breakfast, but I know it's important. Go to breakfast on long run day is a simple pb sandwich. Tried and true. 

Besides being tight this week, avoided the trail a couple days because the main road going there is under construction/closed starting July 5th. The detour wasn't that bad, but could see it being horrible during the week/rush hr. 

Hydrated a bit beforehand. My trail is 10 mi, I park mid way. Both sides of the trail have a slight incline from mid to end, turn around and enjoy the slight decline to the mid. Placed a water out to rehydrate at the mid point. I don't always refuel during long day, but went with a Huma pomegranate energy gel. Taste was decent, no ill side effects. Not sure if the gel was a difference maker, but besides the sun 80 degrees, wasn't all that bad. 

This coming week.. going to do a taper day tomorrow, 1 for the #RWRunStreak. Remainder of week, about 5 with a long of 10. 

Not signed up for any races for a bit.. starting to feel the itch. need to find something in the next month or so. 

Hope everyone's training is going well! Get out there, keep kicking butt! 

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