Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mid yr #Running review

Mid yr point just passed last week, how's everyone doing with their goals thus far?

Mid 2016, I had a 10k, and was pleasantly surprised. Felt the need for more. Completed my first half last September and another by yr end.

2016: 1617 total miles, 2 halfs, 1 10k, and several 5ks.

2017 goals: 1500 total miles, at least 4 10+ mi races, and a new long run of 18 mi

2017 progress: on pace for the first two goals. Trained through winter for the #LoveRunPhilly and then the #BroadStreetRun. Signed up for the Army Ten miler in the fall. No immediate races at the moment, but maintaining 10 milers for my "long" run.

That #RWRunStreak streak definitely has me tired at times, need to better analyze taper days, days before/after long runs, etc.

That long run of 18 miles goal? Not sure if I was on a runners high or buzzed when I made that goal. Was around new years, anything is possible. Lol. Less than 6 months to tackle that one, it will happen. Goal for 2017 is to maintain being able to do halfs, with the ultimate goal of increasing long runs in 2018.  Full in 2018?? Not sure if thats just crazy talk again, we shall see..

Good luck with your remaining goals for the year, keep kicking butt!!

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