Tuesday, July 4, 2017

#RunChatHunt #RunChat

A bit late on this post, but then again I wasn't blogging last month either.

This past June, @TheRunChat held a photo scavenger  hunt. Below are a few of my #RunChatHunt photos. A few of them I no longer have the originals but able to grab the collages from posts..

  • Sports stadium: haven't run by any since the #Phillies5k in April. Rest of my photos are during the June contest. 
  • Yard sale: didn't run by any, but did pass one on the way to the trail. 
  • Sunrise/sunset: don't recall if I did any runs before work, if I did, no photo. :( 
  • Bridges: always knew my trail had some bridges, but never bothered to count. This includes run over, under, and by, 10 bridges in just over 5 miles! 
  • Animal on trail, usually see a deer every once in a while, first day of #RunChatHunt! 
  • I have seen the tail end of a snake on the trail before, but first time seeing one completely out there. It turned around when I paused to take its pic (from a safe distance of course. Lol) 
  • Next day saw this turtle, probably came from the marsh that's down the small cliff
  • Speed limit sign: nothing exciting about this, grabbed during a neighborhood run. 
  • Public art: Merrymount Park, Quincy Ma. From a weekend trip to Boston. 
  • Local restaurant: I do pass one or two on the outside loop from my neighborhood, but I slacked on this one.
  • Playground: 2nd block of my neighborhood run.
  • Body of water: no shore runs this past June. Only water photos were the creek along the trail. 
  • #RunChatHunt was fun. I would have taken the animal pictures anyway. For the longest time, my runs pretty much only consisted of neighborhood runs or a few treadmills. Since discovering my love for trails, I try to make a point to enjoy nature a bit more. It's easy to get in a zone, whether concentrating on running, listening to music, or just plain daydreaming about other obligations it's still easy to forget to take in your surroundings. This was a nice reminder to enjoy nature's beauty. 

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