Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week Ending 09/10

Hi fellow runners!

How's everyone's training going?!

My week in training:

  • Monday: 5 miles at my trail. (Pennypack Creek). Did the more scenic side and back. This side is flat about half way and then a decent incline. My trail has at least 7 scenic bridges. Going to start documenting them along them along the way for a bit. Here is the furthest bridge on this side. 

Monday was also a holiday (Labor Day). Day off from work and was such a beautiful day out, wife and I decided to go for a little hike at another park. Ringing Rocks Park. Known for the boulder field, some of the rocks make a bell sound when hit with a hammer. Was very interesting. Plenty of people there, was a bit surprised we didn't hear any kids falling, definitely have to be careful! After checking out the rocks, we heard there was a waterfall nearby. Hiked down a steep hill. There was a waterfall, but very little water. lol

Please note: this is not my video, credit to youtube user 'Outta the Way'

  • Tuesday: 4 miles at my trail. Scenic side and back. Stopped at bridge number 2 for a few pics. Tuesday definitely had a bit of a Monday feel to it,but got it done.

  • Wednesday: 5k around he neighborhood. Wed is my work from home day, almost always get a run in on my lunch break. Such a great destresser mid work day!

  • Thursday: 1 mile. Shins were a bit tight yesterday and have a 5k this Saturday. 1 mile for the streak. Hydration and stretching!

  • Friday: 2 miles. still tapering for tomorrow's 5k.
  • Saturday: Flying Fish 5k (brewery in Somderdale, NJ). Because every once in a while it's good to take a break from running long and have some fun at a 5k. 5k's may be a bit shorter, but they are still a challenge. You actually sprint as compared to a 10k or longer where you have to pace yourself a bit more. You get to run hard and fast, but still have to pace it a bit.

You can read my full race below:
Race review: #FlyingFish5k

  •  Sunday:5 miles at the trail. Sunday is usually my rest day. But since Saturday wasn't a long run day, decided to head out for a few. Morning weather starting to feel brisk, felt great. Did the scenis side of the trail and back. Stopped at the 3rd bridge for some photos. 

September goals: 
  • Taper for races first two weeks of the month, try to rest on rest days, sometimes easier said than done. 
  • Rock the Rock n Roll Philly half, and resume long run training.. for? 

Upcoming races:
Registered for:
  • 09/17 - Rock N Roll Philly, last yr, my first half! Officially back in training mode. Been maintaining long runs at 10. 11, 12, 13, 15 done. One more "long" run to go.. and done. Ready for Race day!

  • 10/08 - Army Ten Miler!  (in dc) #RunArmyRunStrong. My buddy from college went on to the Army after graduation and lives outside of DC. Has been ragging on me to come down there for a run for a while. This is the 3rd largest 10 miler in the country. I doubt it's as flat as the Broad Street Run, but I'm sure it will be a good time.
  • 10/21 Runners World 5k: A festival of running?! Don't think I wanted to sign up for the half being so close to the Army Ten Miler, but really wanted to check out the festival. Got some buddies doing the 5k, cant wait!

Can't go, but would love to (sched conflicts (you may see a theme ))

  • 09/16 Iron Pigs Bacon 5k
  • 09/23 Heavy Seas 5k
  • 10/07 Troegs Hop Dash 5k
  • 10/08 Yuengling Logger Jogger 5k

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