Sunday, September 17, 2017

Race Review: Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

Hi Fellow Runners!

This was my first half ever last yr, so this will always have special meaning to me. The race is a blast, so of course i did it again, and will probably sign up for 2018 this week since it's the cheapest price at the moment. Very exciting race, definitely recommend! The only thing going against this race is the weather, not really fall yet, humidity was 80%.
Expo: tons of cool stands to check out! Brooks Running must be a sponsor, huge area just after the bib pickup. Health food, vitamins, several running shoe stands, fitness clothing, multiple other race stands to check out/signup for. Few of the stands had samples or cool free promo material.
Course Scenery: race starts at Eakins Oval, down from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The first 5k or so goes through the city around city hall. Back to the museum and down along the Schuylkill River, behind boathouse row /along the river and then to the other side of the river and back to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, finish line is just in front of the Rocky Steps. 

Elevation: Majority of the course is flat, there is a slight incline before the bridge at mile 8, and another incline at the end of the race. It normally wouldn't seem that bad, but after 12 miles of humidity, you do feel the hill up to the museum.

The training program I use for half's, only variance is the rest days, I still do one mile for the run streak.

To credit the images, it was pulled Coach Jenny Hadfield's training plans.
TShirt/Swag: Rockin' tech tee! Medal featuring Benjamin Franklin on the 100 dollar bill, wearing a sweat band, all about the Benjamin's baby! 

Aid and refreshments: plenty of water along the course, aid stations/medical staff throughout, ambulance carts, and huge medical tent in the finishers area. Refreshments after the race: water, Gatorade, chocolate milk, chips/pretzels, banana, and a free beer! It's the "Rock N Roll" half, so there are plenty of bands/DJ's along the course and a concert stage by beer garden.
Parking: they encourage public transportation, there are some parking lots/garages a few blocks away. Paid $13 to park.

Race Management: Everything was run very efficiently, no real constructive criticism for them to improve upon. Well, besides adding the option to mail the bib pickup. Expo's are fun, but not everyone can get back and forth to the city mult days in a row.

Everyone, Keep Rocking!

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