Monday, September 18, 2017

Week Ending 09/17

Hi fellow runners!

How's everyone's training going?!

Rock n Roll Philly Week!  1 trail run, then rest/taper days rest of the week around the neighborhood.

Monday: 5 miles at my trail. (Pennypack Creek). Didn't get the best rest Sunday night. Stayed up a but later than normal and tossed and turned. Morning coffee got be back to "normal". The afternoon didn't drag as much as i would expect. To the trail after work, to be honest it felt great!

Previous posts i mentioned my trail has at least 7 scenic bridges, am thinking now there may be 10. Stopped at bridge number 4 for pics.

Tuesday: rest day, one for the streak. Didnt plan on doing this before work, but woke up a few min early and figured since i have plans after work i might as well get it done.

Wednesday: 5k.Work from home lunch run. A bit crazy morning at work, and as i was about to head out to lunch got pulled into a support issue that isnt even my team's issue. ugh, but i stayed online till resolved and then took off a few min late. And as i was getting ready it started to downpour! i didnt care, needed to step away from work. Something invigourating about some rain runs (depending on temp of course). One rookie mistake, was already dressed when i realized it was raining, usually wear backup shoes for rain runs. Primary shoes soaked. Thank goodness they dried out before this weekends race! 

Thursday: 1 mile after work. 

Friday: 1 mile before work. Plans to go to the race expo after work, got the run in before. Not too many scenic places to stop for photo op, but today i stopped by this pond that's closed off. (offices/homes). Shhh.. #NoTrespassing ;)


Saturday: 2 miles. Last taper day before the race!

Sunday: Rock N Roll Philadelphia half marathon, you can check out my review below! 

September goals:

  • Taper for races first two weeks of the month, try to rest on rest days, sometimes that's easier said than done. 
  • Resume long run training.. for??

Upcoming races:

  • 10/08 - Army Ten Miler!  (in dc) #RunArmyRunStrong. My buddy from college went on to the Army after graduation and lives outside of DC. Has been ragging on me to come down there for a run for a while. This is the 3rd largest 10 miler in the country. I doubt it's as flat as the Broad Street Run, but I'm sure it will be a good time.
  • 10/21 Runners World 5k: A festival of running?! Don't think I wanted to sign up for the half being so close to the Army Ten Miler, but really wanted to check out the festival. Got some buddies doing the 5k, cant wait!

Can't go, but would love to (sched conflicts (you may see a theme )
  • 09/23 Heavy Seas 5k (Maryland brewery)
  • 10/07 Troegs Hop Dash 5k (Pa brewery in Hershey)
  • 10/08 Yuengling Logger Jogger 5k (Pa brewery)

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