Sunday, June 17, 2018

Weekly Running Update: June 17, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Hope all is well. Anyone doing any races or training for one? Which one? I had a 10k this past weekend, the Dairy Air 10k, check out my review! This week will be ending with some shorter runs, I'll be doing some hiking! Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

My week in training:

Monday: 5 miles before work. Sleep issues, heartburn, stuffiness, a few aches, and probably had too much coffee yesterday. Up early. Gave up trying to sleep around 4:30. Up, worked out, morning routine, out the door before 6. It poured all night and was still going. It wasn't a fun run, but the weather was invigorating.

running selfie 06.11.18
Tuesday: 10 miles after work! Tuesday is usually 5k day for me, but since I didn't go to the trail (Pennypack Creek) yesterday, went to do 5. And.. since this past weekend I didn't have a long day, and won't have one this weekend, it was in the back of my mind. Fueled beforehand with new mango Gatorade Endurance gel, review here. Did my 5 miles on the side of my trail with the gradual incline. Felt pretty good, as I passed my car at the 5.5 mark, decided to go to the other half of the trail. Thought about doing 8, but still had some momentum, to the end and back. Cooled down after 10. Cool down felt good, was tempting to run it out to 10.5. Hydrated and replenished electrolytes afterwards with the new watermelon Gatorade Endurance Formula.
running selfie 06.12.18
trail runnning path
Wednesday: 4 miles. My work from home day, yay! Lunch run. I usually have a rest day after a double digit day, but didn't want to change my Wed schedule. Felt yesterday's run, mixed with humidity, and hills. Got a bit sluggish at times. Will definitely be re-hydrating with Gatorade Endurance!
running selfie 06.13.18 with Gatorade Endurance
Thursday: 3.11 miles after work. Legs are still heavy, which  may be a theme for a bit since i didn't have a true rest day and about to go hiking this weekend. The weather was nice, cool breeze at first, sunny and 80, still sweating by mile one, parched by mile two, and time to hydrate after mile three! Watermelon Gatorade Endurance post run, light, refreshing and getting the job done!
running selfie 06.14.18 with gatorade endurance
Friday: 3.11 miles. Early. Day off from work. Road trip in a bit. Set my alarm to get up early, nah, I'm up before that! Work out, morning routine done, out the door by 6. Nice and brisk out. Legs starting to feel better, for now. Felt pretty decent overall.
running selfie 06.15.18
Road trip! Shenandoah National park! Friday did two trails. About 2 miles each.
Hike #1 Hawksbill Summit: 700 ft ascent to the summit. 4000 ft elevation. On our way back, was about 10 ft from a deer! 
hiking 06.16.18
Hike #2 Dark Hollow Falls: all down hill to the falls. 600 ft ascent to get out. Saw bears near the parking lot!
hiking 06.16.18
Saturday: 3.11 miles. probably should of done just one for the streak, but it's not rest day. Hotel treadmill since our hotel has nothing but highway by it.
running selfie 06.16.18
Hike #3 Old Rag Mountain: 9 miles. 2400 ft accent, 3200 ft elevation. Full day and strenuous hiking. (as indicated in the map, my first hike at this rating!). Some good challenges throughout! A false summit that was as nice as the final, but a huge scramble challenge ahead to get to the final! Very rewarding! Link to my hiking pics here, will be updated later from our DSLR camera.  
hiking 06.16.18
Sunday: 1 mile. Rest day, one for the streak. Streak day 876. A few overall aches from yesterday. Most notably using "retired" shoes for hiking. Remembering why they were retired. lol... Time for new shoes and demoting some. 
running selfie 06.17.18
Race Schedule:  I may do one more race this summer before concentrating on the fall. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Preferably within 2 hrs of Philly. 

Fall Schedule: 
10.07.18 - Army Ten Miler! A revenge race for me. My 2017 review, here!

10.20.18 - Runner's World Half Festival. (5k & 10k). My 2017 5k review, here!

11.04.18 - TCS New York City Marathon! - Still can't believe I won the lottery on my 1st try!

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 
If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G


  1. Those are some beautiful views!! Looks like you have some awesome races coming up. (I haven't done any of them, but they all look cool!)

    1. Thx! We've been getting into hiking a little bit the past couple yrs. That weekend had a bit of everything. Good challenges, good times! I'm looking fwd to the fall races. Any chance you'll be at Runner's World? The logistics for NYC def causing some anxiety. I'm sure it will be exciting though!

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