Monday, June 11, 2018

Race Review: Dairy Air 10k

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My spring schedule was over. Wasn't looking for anything, but open to do a race or two before it's time to concentrate on the fall. Was invited to do race, got excited, but couldn't make it. Well, that had me looking...

Found the Dairy Air 10k! Haven't done a 10k in a while, saw there may be some different scenery from my recent races, some decent swag. Alright, I'm in!

Bib Pick-up: option to pick up Friday night at North Wales Running Co. I chose to pick up on race day. I arrived early. Plenty of parking on a nearby field behind the Del Val Market barn. Packet pick-up was smooth. But.. Two tables, but all of the bibs were in one bin. Could of split them up to make it a bit faster. 
Pre race: DJ, refreshments, and some vendors to check out. National anthem before the race. Followed by the race director giving a little speech and directions. Directions? Uh oh, with my luck I'll get lost.(no issue, course was clearly marked). He also warned us about the hills. Ruh roh. Lol.. 

Activities: they had a bounce house, inflatable slide, pedal go-carts, and plenty of other activities for kids!

Map: The map listed from Scoogie Events. Elevation/accent not listed. According to my phone 400 ft ascent, according to my watch 1.5 miles. Who knows. lol
Race/Scenery: The first two miles are an out and back by some farmland. An equestrian center, some sheep, I didn't see too many cows, but I could smell them! "Dairy Air", plenty of that outdoor smell. lol
Once we were back from the farmland we went out to the route 202 parkway trail. The farmland a few hills, but the parkway had plenty! Down the parkway and turn around, back to the starting point. See the starting point? Pass it, its not over yet. Another 1/4 or so to go. 

My Race: had two paces in mind before hearing about all of the hills. First was my recent Broad Street, I know I was comfortable pacing at 7:45 past the 6 mi mark. Then I made the mistake of looking up my PR, 7:18. Well, as soon as I heard all of the warnings of hills, knew PR wasnt happening. Still tried for 7:45 ish. Don't want to see my splits. Started the first mile at 7:30, then faded every single mile, ending overall with 8:09. Did not think I had a chance at an age group award, but I did!
Shirt: I signed up with less than two weeks 'till race day, and the shirts were listed as sold out. Asked, they said to check back after the race, they still had a few! Maybe some no shows? Love the shirt! almost like a bike style. (but not compression tight). Scoogie Event and race name/logo on the front. Sleeves have cows. Back has all of the sponsors listed. 
Del Val Market barn as the background. With cows sitting, flying, and the backside of one. "Dairy Air". Bib had a ticket for "free" ice cream or beer. Of course I went with beer. Although he ice cream looked good! There was eight craft beers to choose from!  
Post race: met up with one of my buddies from work, and some fellow streakers from #RWRunStreak
Overall, would definitely do this race again! Cool scenery to start. Good hill challenges. Hills are fun, right? Sure they are! Just don't think about PR's.. lol Besides, after all those fun hills, there's a great party afterwards.

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Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 
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