Monday, June 11, 2018

Product Review: Gatorade Endurance

Disclaimer: I received Gatorade Endurance, Watermelon flavored Thirst Quench Powder and mango flavored Energy Gels to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hi Everyone!

I'm excited to announce that I'll be reviewing Gatorade Endurance, Watermelon flavored Thirst Quench Powder and mango flavored Energy Gels. Hydration and fueling is always important. Especially as the summer temps and humidity are starting to kick in.

Gatorade Endurance: watermelon Endurance Formula, Thirst Quench Powder
Specs below: for a more clear pic, their site has them listed as well, here.
Gatorade Endurance: Energy Gel, Mango
Specs: 20 g of carbs, 90 mg of sodium. for more info, their site, here

06/12/18: My initial use of both products. 
Fueled with the mango Energy Gel. Texture was less pasty than some other gels. More of a liquid texture than paste. Taste was like a sweet mango candy. Enjoyed the taste. 
My plan was to run 5 miles. Felt great! Energy levels were at a good point. (not overwhelming like my chest was going to burst or anything like that) But a good energy level. My schedule didn't permit for a long run this past weekend, dont usually do double digits during the week, but towards 5 I knew I was going to do more. Went for 10! During my cool down it was tempting to do more!
After my run, I hydrated and replenished electrolytes with the watermelon Gatorade Endurance Formula. A light, refreshing drink! Definitely helped in hydration,replenishing, and recovery after my 10 mile run!

06/13/18: 4 mile lunch break run. I admit, I could have done better hydrating beforehand. But watermelon Gatorade Endurance Formula helped replenish post run! During my run I was still feeling yesterday's 10 miler, coupled with humidity and hills today, was sluggish and sweating up a storm! watermelon Gatorade Endurance Formula aided in my cool down and recovery!

06/14/18: 3.11 miles after work. Legs were still heavy. The weather was nice, cool breeze at first, sunny and 80, still sweating by mile one, parched by mile two, and time to hydrate after mile three! Watermelon Gatorade Endurance post run, light, refreshing and getting the job done! 
06/16/18: On a hiking trip to Shenandoah National Park! Scheduled for 9 miles over 6 hrs. 2400 ft ascent, 3200 ft elevation. Hydration was key! Packed some water, but was sure to pack my watermelon Gatorade Endurance Formula as well! It was very refreshing and replenished those electrolytes! I usually only take a few sips an hr mid run, my only regret was not packing more!
06/18/18: 5 miles. Sunday was rest day. Trying to get back into my "normal" running schedule after my hiking trip. Day off from work, took my time. But still wanted to get done before the heat wave set in. Fueled with the mango Gatorade Endurance Energy gel, helped get me going! I haven't experienced any stomach issues with the gels at all, and I have a sensitive stomach. Was able to maintain my desired pace. Could feel the heat starting to set in. Post run hydrated and replenished those electrolytes with watermelon Gatorade Endurance Formula! Was very refreshing, light, not over sugared. 
06/23/18: Long run day, yay! Week 1 of TCS NYC Marathon training, 10 miles. Cool out, but 90% humidity. Around the midway point I fueled up using the mango Gatorade Endurance energy gel. Helped keep me going, for sure! Passed my car around the 5.5 mark, took a few sips of the watermelon Gatorade Endurance formula, definitley quenched my thirst. Towards the end of my run, was definitley feeling the humidity, about .25 cool down, and then finished off that watermelon Gatorade Endurance Formula, hit the spot! 

mango Gatorade Endurance Energy Gel: 
taste: like a sweet mango candy
consistency: more of a liquid texture unlike others that are a thicker pasty gel.
Performance: helped get me going after a long day at work. On long run day, used mid way, helped keep me going/ helped prevent fading towards the end.

watermelon Gatorade Endurance Formula: 
Taste: light, refreshing watermelon. Definitley not over sugared. 
Performance: after a run in the heat or humidity, could feel it replenishing those fluids and electrolytes! Wasn't dehydrated for long!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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  1. Awesome review, Joe! With all the high temps we've been having around here lately, I'm so grateful we were able to test these products. My kid has been eyeing the Watermelon mix lately!

    1. Thank You Meredith, I appreciate it! ;) Fuel and hydration is always important, especially as the summer temps are on the rise. I'm sure he has, especially with more summer fun since schools out, the watermelon mix sure does hit the spot!


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