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TCS NYC Marathon Training Week 3 - Weekly Running Update: July 8, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well. Anyone racing or training? What races do you have going on? Everyone stay hydrated through the heatwave?

My week in training:

Monday: 5 miles. Going into Monday, the forecast was in the 100's. Set my alarm to do a morning run. Last Sunday, I could have done a slightly better job of resting on rest day. Monday had a very Monday feeling. Out before 6, but felt the heat/humidity and sluggish throughout. Still glad I got it in before work, index 108 later! Will hydrate plenty and hopefully get better rest.
running selfie 07.02.18
Tuesday: 3.11 miles. I set my alarm to get it in before work, up before that today. Have some extra work today due to the early stock market closure, woke up thinking about my day, that's it, I'm up! Out the door by 5:30. Heat already kicking and air quality was thick!
running selfie 07.03.18
Wednesday: 5 miles. Happy 4th of July! Hope everyone had a good (and safe) holiday. Day off from work, trail day! Still trying to beat the heat, set my alarm. Today, I actually slept to it, and probably could have slept a bit more. Took my time heading over, out the door by 8. Pennypack Creek trail. Park in the middle. Today, did the side with a hill at the end. This side of the trail is a bit more shaded. Tired and heat/humidity (index 90/80% humid). Pace started out 8:15, let it fade towards the end. After my run, also did a few hours of yard work. Hopefully I'l get some rest after.
running selfie 07.04.18
Thursday: 3.11 miles after work. Well, my streak of waking up early enough before work came to an end. I did wake up in the middle of the night thinking it was almost time, but not even close. Fell back to sleep until my alarm for work. Almost forgot what its like to run when its 100 degrees (or close to it). Hydrated plenty during the day. Head out after work. Sun beating down. Sweating by .5. Through the motions, just trying to not over do it. Hydrated plenty afterward and stretched.
Friday: 5 miles. Since I regretted not setting my alarm early yesterday, I set it today. Well, 10 min before that, thunder starts cracking! Chance of rain most of the day, wasn't going to let that deter me. Rain for mile 0-1 and 4-5. Clear 1-4. Temp a bit lower today, but the humidity was still high. Hills and humidity, was pacing around 8:30, let it fade towards the end. Will be hydrating plenty today, and stretch/roll tonight. Sorry for the horrible selfie, couldn't clear the lens!
Saturday: Long run day, yay! Hydrated plenty, stretched/rolled, and went to bed early yesterday. Up before 5. Coffee, light breakfast, worked for a few minutes, and foam rolled my back out. At the trail by 6:30! Temps were great! Almost a 40 degree drop from the other day! Huge difference in feel as well. Breathing/pacing felt so much better! From the trail(Pennypack Creek), park in the middle, did the side with the hill first and back. Passed my car at 5.5, hydrated a bit. Keep on to the other side with the incline. Maintained around 8:20 on the first half, faded a few seconds on the second, but still felt good. Was scheduled to do 7, but wanted to do 10. We'll see if I regret that later. Going on a 9 mile hike in a bit! Will be sure to hydrate and fuel along the way! oh, and of course, fresh socks! lol
Hiking! "9 miles" Pulpit Rock and the Pinnacle, part of the Appalachian trail. Trail rating is "moderate". Trail started off with a decent ascent, but not bad. Plenty of jagged rocks along the way. Lost count of how many times I stubbed my toes. 'Doh! The trail has two summits/lookout points. We missed one of them and had to do some back tracking. One thing about this trail, the markers are horrible! We followed the markers for the main trail, but the side trails are not marked well. 9 miles would be the full loop. That doesn't include the mile or so to the start. And we did about 5 extra miles due to back tracking. My step count for the day 48k. Almost a marathon! I don't regret running the extra miles earlier today, just wish we didn't hike the extra miles. lol The view points were nice. But if you want to save some miles, check out nearby Hawk Mountain. The views are about the same over there. For a few more hiking pics, check out my IG, here. 
Sunday: rest day, one for the streak. Streak day 897. Woke up at my normal time. Definitely feeling yesterday, but wasn't sleeping in. Took my time getting ready. Coffee, morning routine, did not feel like foam rolling, but did it definitely helped! Out the door around 8. Smooth mile around the neighborhood. A bit sore overall, but not bad. Will be hydrating plenty, and hope to stretch at least three times today. Tomorrow may be a bit more rough, but will do my best to take it easy today!
This was week three of marathon training, using the below plan. Will probably do a few extra miles the first few weeks at half marathon pace, will adjust when it's time to get into the double digits. 
To credit the images, it was pulled Coach Jenny Hadfield's training plans
marathon training program
Fall Schedule: 
10.07.18 - Army Ten Miler A revenge race for me. My 2017 review, here!

10.20.18 - Runner's World Half Festival. (5k & 10k). My 2017 5k review, here!

11.04.18 - TCS New York City Marathon! - Still can't believe I won the lottery on my 1st try!

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 
If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G

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