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TCS NYC Marathon Training Week 10 - Weekly Running Update: Aug 26, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well. How's summer training going? What race(s) are you training for? By the time I post this, I'll have just returned from vacation. How do you keep up with training while on vaca? Or do you take a vaca from training as well? This is a cut back week for me, 23 miles scheduled with a long run of 7. We'll see how I do. My vaca is also a hiking trip. Will be getting some steps in, for sure!

I have loaded a few pics from each park to my IG, my IG account, here. You can also view a full google album here.

My Week in Training:

Monday: Sunday was a long travel day from Philly to Vegas. Didn't get settled till midnight (3 am EST).  Fell asleep right away, woke up at my normal time, but able to fall back to sleep another hr. Hydrated plenty. Temp was 103 when we arrived at midnight, but was more manageable later that morning, 80 degree/25% humidity. Not familiar with the area, but know the strip isn't exactly runner friendly with all those escalators to cross the street. Did a bunch of large block loops between my hotel and the strip. Stopped by what looked like an Army barrack, but was actually a skirmish business.
Hiking day 1. Zion National Park. 3 hr drive from Vegas. We did the longer of the hikes today.  Riverside Walk/ the narrows. Hiking a few miles through water! Beautiful, but not ideal for sensitive feet. Lol... we also did a small hike om the way out. Emerald trail to the pools. Pretty, but falls/pond were lacking water. Step count 35k
Tuesday: 5 miles. Staying in the town of Kanab, Utah for the week. Small town, but a great central location for the three parks we will be visting this week. Zig-zagged the streets from my hotel to the end of town. Am pretty sure that was 3/4 of the town. Elevation is 6k. At the end of each street there was an incline. Between yesterday's run/hike and adjusting, was feeling it towards the end.
Hiking day 2, back to Zion. Today we did more of the remaining view points, less hiking. View points included Checker Board Mesa, Temples and Towers, Big Bend, Weeping Rock (which we saw a burst due to a thunderstorm, was amazing), and Court of the Patriarchs. Step count 20k.
Wednesday: 7 miles. Road trip in a bit, woke up early. Thunderstorms Last night through this morning, with flash flood warnings. If it was home I may have ventured out, being on vaca, opted to use the hotel treadmill. Espn, and music. Boring, but not bad. It was a bit warm. Treadmill and myself, drenched. Lol..
Hiking day 3: North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Short trails, magnificent views!
Step count 19k 
Thursday: 4 miles. Similar to Tues run. Zig-zagging the streets of Kanab, UT.
Hiking day 4 (also last day of hiking): Bryce Canyon National Park. Checking out the Hoodoos! Today was a short hike around the rim from view point to view point. A large portion of the hike was canceled. Just as we finished the rim, a monsoon started. There is a hike (Navajo Trail) that goes from the view point down into basin, narrow path along the cliffs. Not ideal to do during storms. Still checked out a few other view points, such as Natural Bridge and Mossy Cave trail. Step count 24k
Friday: 3.11 miles. Stopped by a small memorial on my last morning in Kanab, UT. 
Saturday: 1 mile. Travel day. After a long day of traveling. 5 am PDT Vegas time, to Memphis, to Philly 5 pm EST. 1 mile around the neighborhood for the streak. Didn't feel like it after a long day, glad it was just the one and done.
Sunday: 1 mile. Rest day, one for the streak. Streak day 946. Slept in! Had intentions of tryin gto transition back to my normal hours, guess I may need another day or few. Slept until 7:30. Took my time getting out there, didn't head out until aft 9:30. A smooth mile around the neighborhood. I usually rest the remainder of the day, but had to do a couple hrs of yard work. Had to be done before/after vaca.
This was week 10 of of marathon training, using the below plan. 
Scheduled to do this week: 
Miles: scheduled to do 23 miles  / completed 26 
Strength Training(planks/crunches/leg raises/weights: scheduled for 60 min/completed 60
To credit the images, it was pulled Coach Jenny Hadfield's training plans
marathon training program
Fall Schedule: 
10.07.18 - Army Ten Miler A revenge race for me. My 2017 review, here!

10/19-10/21 - Runner's World Half Festival. (5k & 10k). My 2017 5k review, here! 
Use code RWHALF18BIBRAVE for 15% off any/all 4 races! 3.8 Altra, 5k, 10k, Half marathon!

11.04.18 - TCS New York City Marathon! 

Spring Schedule 

04.06.19 - Hot Chocolate 15k Philadelphia. Use code BRHCPhilly to receive a free smart phone arm band. Check out my preview, here. 

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 
If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G

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