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Flying Pig Marathon Training - Week 15 - Weekly Running Update: March 31, 2019

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are doing well! How's everyone's training going, any recent races or one's coming up? Which one's? 

This was week 15 marathon training for me, which also included a half marathon, the Love Run Philadelphia! Hope to get my weekly miles in and still do somewhat respectable on Sunday, we'll see how that went! 

My Week in Training:  

Monday: 7 miles before work. First time setting my alarm clock in 9 days, was nervous about readjusting my sleep schedule back from vacation. Sunday, relaxed after chores and went to bed EARLY! Up before my alarm clock! Coffee, work out (wasnt tired?), hydrate, and out the door by 5:50. Pacing: thought 8:30 may be a bit aggressive for being tired, but wasn't as tired as expected. Settled in the 8:20's. Hills throughout, felt them but much better than expected today. 
Monday was also new shoe day! Brooks Levitate 2, got these bad boys for xmas! Been resisting breaking them in, until now. Will be keeping a close eye on their mileage, want them broken in, but fresh for Spring race season!
Tuesday: 4 miles before work. Slightly tired, actually slept until my alarm. Coffee, work out, hydrate, stetch, and out the door by 6. Thought it was spring? A bit chilly this morning. Pacing: planned on 8:15-8:20. Felt good. 8:10/8:16 before/after the worst hills and back to 8:10 to maintain.  
Wednesday: 7 miles before work. A bit more tired today (although my watch sleep app says almost 7 hrs). Up a few min before my alarm.  Coffee, work out, hydrate, stretch, and out the door around 6. I primarily use my phone/Nike app for tracking my run. I also use my watch to sync to Strava for Squadrunner. Yesterday, after my run, realized my gps was disabled. Maybe from power saving mode before shutdown. I ensure it was enabled. A min in, distance still at 0.0. Restarted my watch (guess I could have done that before my run?). Fine after reboot. Already 3 min in on Nike.. For today's run, was groggy, quads a bit heavy, but made it through my hills at my goal pace without over exertion. Mid run: had to talk a call from work. Tried not to pause but couldn't hear along the road and my running. Post run, pausing my phone one handed, dropped it! No new cracks, case helped!
Thursday: 5 miles before work. Thu is usually 1 mile day. Regular scheduled miles already done by Wed (m,w,f miles done) but decided to do a few more miles since I will be cutting Sunday short. Excellent night's rest, in bed early and woke up by 4:30. Coffee, work out, hydrate and out the door by 5:50. Pacing: goal was 8:20, but was comfortable this morning at 8:10.
Friday: 1 mile before work. Thursday. Hydrated all day. After work, indulged in a few adult beverages while watching baseball. In bed on time, with plans on sleeping a few extra minutes. Up a few times, but well rested. Coffee, work out (slowly),  hydrate, stretch and out the door by 6:05. Usually try to push it on 1 mile day, but wanted to do a comfortable pace around 8. Maintained just below. Felt good. A bit warm today/tomorrow, but stuck with long sleeves. Definitely felt the temp change during the cool down.
Saturday: 1 mile. No long run today. :( Tapering for tomorrow. Saturday rest days are so weird! Anyone else agree? Up till 10:30, slept till 6! took my time getting ready. Coffee, stretch, and out the door around 7:30. Goal was to do a comfortable 8:00. Worked on cadences, slightly faster than planned. Exerted a little, but didn't over do it. Maintained under 7:45. Now what to do on  Saturday before a race? Cant do yard work, will wake up with a sore back! lol.. Light indoor chores. Cleaning, bills, taxes, etc... 
Sunday: 13.1 miles. Scheduled for 20! Love Run Philadelphia half marathon today. I did 20 milers on week 11 & 13 out of guilt of falling short today. Hopefully three 20 milers will be an improvement come marathon day. Sorry, no race day details! I know, you must be in suspense! Race day will be in a separate post!
Sunday was also month end.
Month End Summary:
Miles: 164 (my highest month ever! I have had a few 150's, but never 160! I'm pretty sure this has felt better as well!
YTD: 416 mi100+ mi month: 48 straight monthsRun Streak 1,164 straight daysStrava Climb Challenge: 2000+ meters of hills for the month (6500+ft ascent)
This was week 15 marathon training, using the below plan.
Image from Coach Jenny Hadfield
Weekly Summary:
Miles: scheduled 38 mi / completed 38 mi (long run day cut short, but made the miles  up!)
Strength Training: scheduled 80 min/ completed 108 min
Foam roll: 7 days 
Hydration goal met: 7 days   

Race Schedule 

04.06.19 - Hot Chocolate 15k Philadelphia. Use code BRHCPhilly to receive a free smart phone arm band. Check out my preview, here. 

05.05.19 - Broad Street Run! - Love this race, but won't be doing it this year. Sometimes you have to pass on repeat things to try something new! My review from last year, here.  

05.05.19 - Flying Pig Marathon! I am officially booked. Looks like a fun themed race, a great spring challenge, and somewhere I've never been (Cincy, Oh)! Hope to also check out Indiana and Kentucky while I'm out there! 

09.15.19 - Rock n Roll Philly Half Marathon. Use codes "19RNRBRP16" to save $16 off the half/full marathon and "19RNRBRP6" to save $6 off the 5k/10k! Race Preview, here!

11.24.19 - Philadelphia Marathon. 

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 
If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G

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