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Race Review: Broad Street Run!

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well!

The Broad Street Run is the largest 10 miler in the country. Just you and forty thousand of your best friends! Last year was my first Broad Street Run and had a blast! Had to do this one again, for sure!

Anyone else do the Broad Street Run? How was your experience? Let us know! My Review below:

Pre Race: 

BroadStreetRun - Prerace selfie with friends
(Pre Race meetup with my buddies Barb, T'Sean and Brian, be sure to give them a follow!)

Parking: free parking by the sports complex. Plenty of parking! Got there by 6, traffic in front of the stadiums was not an issue yet. If you are not early, the lights leading up to the complex can get backed up. Once parked, free Septa train ride for all runners wearing a bib! I don't remember seeing anyone checking for bibs last yr, but there was someone working the booth to enter the station this yr. Again, early is key, the train does get filled to the brim!

Restrooms: portable toilets at the train station, tons at the athletic field, and more by each corral. Don't wait till the last minute, the crowds and lines will get insane! A few along the course as well. 

Start and corral management: Race time of 8am. The national anthem was prior to 8. Race started on time and each corral moved with efficiency. A few thousand people ahead of me, but once the race kicked off, did not feel like it was a long wait till it was time for me to go.

BroadStreetRun - corral map
(image pulled from IBXRun10)
 BroadStreetRun - corral crowd and selfie
Race: Broad Street is a straight line race end to end with one curve around city hall. City Hall is just about the 6 mile marker. You can see City Hall most of the way leading up to it, great incentive to feel like you are almost half way there! The course is extremely flat, not sure if it was just me, but there were a few slightest of inclines that I did feel.
BroadStreetRun elevation map
(mapped pulled from
Along the course there was so much positive energy, probably the reason why I love this race so much. Crowds cheering you on the entire way! DJ's, maybe some wannabe DJ's, rock bands, marching bands, cheerleaders, a few mascots, plenty of people holding up supportive (and/or funny) signs! I saw former governor Ed Rendell just before City Hall! I heard he was there last year, but I didn't see him, finally got to see him this year!

My race: this was my fourth race of the spring race season. Each has gone well for the most part. Had some doubts going into this that maybe I would burn out. Was also a bit tight this week, but tried to make a point to stretch/foam roll, hydrate, and even use some KT tape this week. When I registered for the race, I put down an estimation time that would give me a 1 minute PR. This placed me in the next corral up of where I was last yr, this also made me a bit nervous that i wasn't in a corral I belonged in. Well, this worked out for me. Most races I get trapped behind walls of people, get anxious and take off and weave around them, being in the next corral, didn't have any of that. Was able to do my own thing the entire way without feeling trapped. The first three minutes, I started out at a pace that was slightly too fast, pulled back to about 10-15 seconds of goal pace. Ignored most of the water stations, but did hit one up around 6, probably should of had a gel then, but waited until after 7. Could feel the slow down, but able to hang on, another slow down around .5 to go. Was able hang in there for my goal. Last yr I maintained around 8 and faded to 8:12, this yr I maintained around 7:50 and faded to 8. 2 min PR! 

BroadStreetRun post race selfie with medal
 BroadStreetRun official time
Post race: after the finish line you are funneled to one of two tents to pickup water, a soft pretzel, a snack bag , and then your medal!  The finisher area is held in giant field in the Navy Yard. Meetup area, backdrop banners with the race logo to snap a pic with your friends and medals, a few vendor stands, a stage with music and announcements, a play area for kids, even saw a small petting zoo! Cell reception was my big complaint last yr, tons of people in the finisher area with no reception. The reception was definitely improved, but no data, tweets/IG posts have to wait until after you leave the area. lol
BroadStreetRun - selfie with fellow Bibrave member
 (BibRave pro meetup, be sure to give iRunOnBeer a follow! Where Beer and running unites!)
BroadStreetRun - selfie with RWRunStreak group
(RWRunStreak fb group meetup,truly inspirational run group, you don't have to be a streaker to join, but it is part of the fun.) 


The bling! Last year's medal featured City Hall, this yr featured a bit more! and it doubles as a bottle opener! Pic taken at Xfinity Live! Great part of parking by the stadiums, there's a huge party at Xfinity! Multiple bars to choose from, but if you like craft beer, I would go to Victory Beer Hall. ;) 

BroadStreetRun - medal and post race beer
Shirt: cotton shirt included, up-charge for the tech. Tech shirt below:
BroadStreetRun - race shirt
Overall, huge fan of this race! definitely recommend! It's a lottery to get in, I'm 2 for 2 so far, will be sad the yr I don't get in. lol

Sites and Social:


Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 

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