Saturday, November 12, 2016

Rocky Balboa Run: The Italian Stallion Challenge!

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Backlogging some posts..

The Rocky Balboa Italian Stallion Challenge in Nov 2016! The challenge is made up of two races, a 5k, and then a 10 miler. Not an official half, but my second time going through the half training program.

My first half was in September of '16. I felt pretty accomplished, but wanted to get right back to it to make some improvements.

(My selfie game was weak(er) back then, especially with the sun in my eyes!)

The half marathon training program that I use:
To credit the image, it was pulled Coach Jenny Hadfield's training plans

Pre Race:
Expo: There was no expo. Packet pickup was at Lloyd Hall. I saw Lloyd Hall is on Boathouse Row, when looking for a parking spot, I took one of the first spots I could find along Boathouse Row. I probably should have looked at the map a bit more, it was a decent walk. There were no vendors at packet pickup. Just ran in and picked up my bib/shirt. 

Parking on race day: Public transportation is strongly encouraged, but there are pay lots a few blocks away.

Race day:

Rocky themed fans and runners everywhere! Eye of the tiger! DJ had plenty of Rocky songs and snippets going pre-race!

5k: about a mi through the city, then 1 down and back by the Schuylkill River (76 side, not Boathouse Row side). Smooth 5k, a slight incline on the way back to the P
hiladelphia Museum of Art.

There was mention of a break between races, wasn't sure what to expect. It was about a half hour. 
10 miler: pre-race the announcer warned us about a hill... smooth few miles. Guess what, a hill, and another, and another. About 1.5 mi hills. After the hills, down and smooth, then back up by the museum.
Aid: plenty of water along the courses. Water, bananas and soft pretzel post race. 


Tech Tee: 

Three awesome medals! One for each race, and one for doing both! These medals are unique, they are large coin and necklace made to look like championship belts!
Free photo's!: One of the few that I didn't look like a hot mess. 
I didn't do the race in '17 due to my full marathon training schedule, but would definitely recommend this one. Great crowd, especially with the Rocky theme!

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