Sunday, May 28, 2017

Race Review: #Levante5k

This brewery had been on my to do list for a bit. They hosted a 5k, win-win! In general, isnt breweries hosting races the perfect combo?! Lol
Pre race: there is a 5k relay before the 5k race. Get there early, but park a few businesses down to stay out of the way.
Race: loop course x3. Loop starts with a few .2/.3's going around the nearby businesses. One of the turns seems a bit narrow during the first loop before the congestion breaks up, but not bad during lap 2/3. After going around the businesses, there is a straight away decline of about .5. Turn around and up that incline! It's got some steepness to it! You get to do that 3x! After the hill levels out, around the brewery to complete the lap. Repeat.
Post race: party at the brewery! Great beer and selection. There was a food truck, but that didn't arrive for at least another hour.
I don't require games at a brewery, but there wasn't any. Unlike a few other brewery races.
Swag: brewery pint glass and 1 beer of choice! (excludes imperials). I do like the option of choice, but I could see how it would move more smoothly if the one free beer was pre determined/ poured ahead. There was 4 ppl pouring, the line was a but slow. If you're hanging out after the free beer, it does get more manageable.
Elevation: decent incline for about 1/4, but feels like .5, loop course so it's x3.
Scenery: none, it's a business district.
Parking: 30 or so spots by the brewery. Brewery is in a business district with plenty of spots for overflow. There is a relay race before the 5k, encourage relay runners to park outside of the 5k course. There was a few cars trying to drive through the 5k.
Aid:I don't require water mid 5k. But someone pointed out there wasn't any? There wasnt. There was an ambulance on site just in case.

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Race Review: My first #BroadStreetRun

My first #BroadStreetRun: was a bit nervous about the number of participants, 43k?! Heard the course was fast/flat/decline, ok with the distance (somewhat), biggest concern was crowds/personal space.

Additional back story: this morning thought to myself, this time last yr, wouldn't even think about doing this. Did a 10k last summer that lead me on my way to much bigger things.
Parking: more than ample parking, they have stadium parking lots. But you will need to take the train from parking to the starting line. Be at the stadiums early, the street lights towards parking were backed up. At 6:10 took 20 min to get from Citizens Bank Park to a parking space. The train was packed to the brim. Glad no one had B O, yet. Plenty of time for another port o pottie check when you get to your corral.
Race/elevation/scenery: ppl told me this was a flat/fast course, the majority of the course is either flat or a slight decline. There are a couple tenths of incline, but nothing to worry about. No nature scenery, all city. To begin the course you can see city hall. Oh, it's not that far. Doesn't seem to get any closer, even disappears for a few. There are awesome crowds, signs, dj's long the way. Was sure to slap high five with the Temple owl. We eventually get to city hall, just past the half way point. I hear former gov Ed Rendell was there, didn't stop for a selfie. Course narrows down around city hall, takes a few to open back up. Start to see signs for Phillies, almost by the stadiums, not really. As you do get to the stadiums, the Eagles drum line and Swoop are there, hi five Swoop! Race ends at the Navy Yard, entrance is sure to tell you your not done yet, another 1/4 to go. That was a long 1/4!
Aid: plenty of water along the course. Cops and medics the entire way. Aid stations at the finishing area. Big snack bag after completion of the race. 
The bling! Medal featuring City Hall. The medal also doubles as a bottle opener!

T-shirt included, upcharge to change it from cotton to tech. Image of a person running made up of all the Philly neighborhoods we've run though! 

My only complaint: finisher area, thousands of ppl, no cell or wifi reception, couldn't contact someone I knew was done. Took over an hr to find them.
Overall, would definitely do this again! 43k ppts registered (well managed), tons of great spectators, fast course, so much excitement!

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