Sunday, July 30, 2017

Week ending 07/30

Hi fellow runners!

How's everyone's training going?!

Me week in training:

  • Monday: 5 miles at the trail. Without getting into too many specifics.. Got a good night's rest. Started the day with a great attitude. I remember saying to my coworker, wonder who's going to change that. Didn't last long, 830 meeting, finger pointing from one side at another, my dept not to blame, but in the middle. Irked. Whatever. Rest of the day alright, but realizing I have at least two meetings about the issue tomorrow ruined my mood. Got to the trail, ready to burn. Usually pace myself up the incline, with the intent of negative splits on the way back. Not today. Started out ahead of pace and decided to stick to it. Not my best 5 miler, but best in a bit. Between rest day yesterday and using it as thereapy today, felt great! 
Sidenote: smoke free signs everywhere, smoker on the trail today, what the heck?! How rude?!

  • Tuesday: 4 miles neighborhood run. Prefer the trail, as a get away, but still do a few runs around the neighborhood. Every other block has some good hills! 
Sidenote: if your car "accidentally" cuts me off at a crosswalk, I'm probably "accidentally" spitting on your car. Will probably get shot for something stupid like this..

  • Wed: 5k work from home lunch run around the neighborhood. Temps still nice, heat index 81. Not much to say about this run, going to try to take it easy Thu, hopefully long run Fri night. 
  • Thursday: 13.1 miles at the trail. So.. This coming weekend and next week are going to be a bit busy for me. Thinking about my sat to do list, I decided to move my long run to friday...  Thursday during the day, still thinking about my weekend, I realized my sched was wide open tonight. Not totally feeling it, but hey, why not?! Was somewhat hydrated. At the trail after work around 530. Did the side with the tougher incline first. Felt the humidity by mile 2. To that end and back, pass my car at mi 5.25, feeling decent, passed my opportunity to hydrate. Boo. Around mi 7 definitely questioning that. To the other side, fuel at 7.5. Humidity kicking, pass my car at 10.5, hydrate!! Back to the tougher side for 1.5 and back. Hydrate! Definitely wasn't prepared for this run, but glad I got it in! #RnRPhilly training. 14 miler coming up in a couple weeks! 
  • #Fuel, got home from my long run. My recent fuel has been some chews I had leftover. Still exploring fueling options, tried chews for a bit then tried gels. Didn't think I would like gels, but after having a bad reaction to a chew, decided to give it a whirl. Ran out of gel and still had a few chews left. Definitely like the gels a bit more. Ordered a case, but didnt receive it yet, got home, on my door step! Have tried a couple flavors, will let you know my results as we go. What's your fuel of choice? 
  • Friday: rest day, 1 mile for the streak. After last nights run, I had the idea of a morning run, but didn't set my alarm. Woke up around 5, tossed and turned, and said f it. Got up, did my morning workout. Got my mile in. The first .1 was a bit tight, but got it out. Just a but humid. Lol 
  • Saturday: 5k. Usually long run day, was a nice break to enjoy a couple extra beers on a Fri night. Took my time getting up. Worked for an hr and headed out. Hip and quads a bit sore, but run wasn't bad. Nice and cool out. Took a break afterwards before doing yard work. Got my 10k steps in. 
  • Sunday: 5 miles at the trail. Usually my rest day, but moving my long run changed up the sched. Weather was nice and cool. First few min were a bit fast. Cut back a notch, but able to maintain. Thought about going further, but didn't want to throw off the sched too much. Lol. 
Sidenote: there are signs everywhere to clean up after your dog, but I guess if you have a horse, no worries. Actually saw the horse today! There is a side path to someone that apparently has a horse, today first time seeing one on the trail. No pics, didnt want to pause. 🐎💩

Upcoming races:
Registered for:

  • 09/17 - Rock N Roll Philly, last yr, my first half! Officially back in training mode. Been maintaining long runs at 10. 11, 12,  and 13 done, 14 to do.

  • 10/08 - Army Ten Miler!  (in dc) #RunArmyRunStrong


  • 09/09 flying fish 5k. Good time last yr, just need to commit. Price increase tomorrow! 
  • 10/20-22 runners world. Not sure if I'll be up for a half so soon after the ATM, may do the 5/10k.

Can't go, but would love to (sched conflicts):

  • 08/05 Bethlehem musik fest 5k
  • 09/16 Iron Pigs bacon 5k
  • 10/07 troegs hop dash 5k
  • 10/08 yuengling logger jogger 5k

Good luck to everyone with their training, keep kicking butt!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week ending 07/23

Hi fellow runners!

How's everyone's training going?

My week in running:

  • Monday: 5 miles at the trail. Sunny all day. Overheard ppl mention it's going to storm at point. I go home, get changed, right as I leave, thunder! Thunder and drizzle as I head over. I leave my glasses in my car. About a mile in, I see an animal on the trail. Light brown, at first thought it was a deer, but looked much shorter and fatter. It heads down the small cliff. I approach with caution, but don't see it. Lack of glasses will keep me wondering what the heck that was! Lol. Rest of run not bad, plenty of thunder, but rain wasn't that bad. 
  • Tuesday: 4 miles at the trail. A bit humid, but manageable. 
  • Wednesday 5k around the neighborhood. Work from home day, lunch run. Busy day at work. As things calm down a bit before lunch I get ready to head out. Literally as I am about to set my away status on and take off I get pulled into an issue. Grrr...  already have a conf call right after lunch. Time was ticking. Got the issue resolved, and as with most "urgent" requests, it probably could of waited. Would have just ran after work, but had an appointment. Got my lunch run in, with a few min to spare. Heat was 89/ index 97. Def a bit warm, but the worst part was the air quality alert. Damn allergies. 
  • Thursday 5 miles at the trail. Heat index was 100 most of the day. Made a point to hydrate, 6 waters during the day. Went to the trail after work, only one other car there. The trail does have some shade, but it was definitely still steaming. To the end and back, did see a few bikers, few walkers and a couple runners. Run done, hydrate. Total water about 9.
  • Friday: 2 miles. Plan was to take it easy, 1-2 miles after work, before tomorrow's long run. Later in the day, was informed of dinner plans at 630. Run shouldn't be an issue. Well, darn work issues tried to get in the way. Leaving work at 430, to check back into work by 5, and then required to give hourly status updates. 5pm status done. Got my 2 miles around the neighborhood done. In a hurry, no pic/posts.. Was able to go out to dinner on time, but had to bring my laptop just in case. Blah. 
  • Saturday: 12 miles, long run day! Again work imposed a bit, not a good night's rest. Final work issue last night resolved at 11pm, but had to check back in at 430 am to review maintenance I performed. Light breakfast, coffee, and two waters. Work till about 630. At the trail around 7. Each half of the trail is about 5.25 back and forth. Did the slightly tougher side first, added a little extra at the end in a nearby neighborhood, turned around and back, passing the mid point/my car around 6 mi, grabbed a water. Humid/drenched, but still felt good. Waited about another mile, had a Gu chew. Not a fan, but waiting on gels I ordered online and still have a few chews left. Finish the other half and back, but passed my car, had another .3 or so left. Run felt good for about 3/4, but faded a bit more than preferred. Time to rehydrate! Two more waters by the time I get home, and another. Take a break for a couple light chores around the house. Cooled off, but time to head out for yard work! Silly me, but I want to get it out of the way for Sunday rest day. Hydrate, at least 9 waters for the day. 
  • Sunday: 1 mile. rest day, one for the streak. Day 547 #RWRunStreak. Up around my normal time of 6, shoulders and back a bit sore, either from running or yard work. Hydrated and stretched it out. Took my time around the house before getting ready around 930. One and done. Felt really good, but definitely a bit humid out. A few chores to do, but will try to take it easy rest of the day. 
Upcoming races:
Registered for:

  • 09/17 - Rock N Roll Philly, last yr, my first half! Officially back in training mode. Been maintaining long runs at 10. 11 and 12 done, 13 and 14 to do. 6 weeks to go! 

  • 10/08 - Army Ten Miler!  (in dc) #RunArmyRunStrong


  • 09/09 flying fish 5k. Good time last yr, just need to commit.
  • 10/20-22 runners world. Not sure if I'll be up for a half so soon after the ATM, may do the 5/10k.

Can't go, but would love to (sched conflicts):

  • 08/05 Bethlehem musik fest 5k
  • 09/16 Iron Pigs bacon 5k
  • 10/07 troegs hop dash 5k
  • 10/08 yuengling logger jogger 5k

Good luck to everyone with their training, keep kicking butt!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

My week in running 07/16/17

How's everyone's training going? My running summary week ending 07/16.

  • Monday: 1 mile. had to do last week's long run on Sunday. Monday was rest day. One for the streak. #RWRunStreak 
  • Tuesday: 5 miles at the trail.
  • Wednesday 5 miles around the neighborhood. Work from home lunch run. Will probably be cutting these back to 4. Cool down and actual lunch after are cutting into getting back to work. Lol
  • Thursday 4 miles at the trail.  Most of the day had a heat advisory, close to 100. About 30 min before leaving work, the sky went dark (4pm). Storm came through. Heading to the trail, the rain cleared up a bit and the temps cooled. Weather app showed the storm still hanging around, but I ignored that since the it cleared up a bit. half way through, it came down hard! I don't mind the rain, especially when it's giving break to the temps. But definitely need to pay attn to the trees. Havent seen one fall yet, but the trail does get closed off every once in a while for fallen tree cleanup.
  • Friday: 5k around the neighborhood. 
  • Saturday: long run day! 11 miles at trail. Went to bed early, got up early. It's my on call week for work, no issues overnight, decent sleep. Coffee, light breakfast, and water. Checked work before heading out, all good. Got to the trail just after 7. Started on the tougher side of the trail to get the hills out. About 1 mi in, there's yellow tape closing it off. Being a stubborn, and I wasn't the only one, went around the tape. About 1/4 from that, bulldozer and chain saws doing fallen tree cleanup! Lol turn around, pass my car, didn't need water yet, kept going. Did the other side of the trail and back. Stopped for water and refueling. Not a fan of Gu chews, but I had a few left, no ill effects. Resumed the run, math off from earlier, but able to recalc. Was just a bit humid out. Lol
  • Sunday: rest day. 1 for the streak. #RWRunStreak

Upcoming races:
Registered for:

  • 09/17 - Rock N Roll Philly, last yr, my first half! Officially back in training mode. Been maintaining long runs at 10, hopefully ready to step it back up to 14. Definitely digging the bling! 

  • 10/08 - Army Ten Miler!  (in dc) #RunArmyRunStrong


  • 09/09 flying fish 5k. Good time last yr, just need to commit.
  • 10/20-22 runners world. Not sure if I'll be up for a half so soon after the ATM, may do the 5/10k.

Can't go, but would love to (sched conflicts):

  • 08/05 Bethlehem musik fest 5k
  • 10/07 troegs hop dash 5k
  • 10/08 yuengling logger jogger 5k

Good luck to everyone with their training, keep kicking butt!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

My week in running 07.09.2017

Mon 5 miles at the trail (pennypack trail, Huntingdon pa)

Tue (July 4th) 5 miles at the trail. Last minute decided to look for a 5k or any other races. Didn't see any in the area for the morning. Ended up having to work for a bit before getting out there. Went to the trail, around 10:30 place was packed! Literally the most packed I have ever seen the parking lot, ppl parking in the nearby business that was closed for the day. 

Wed 5 miles around the neighborhood. Wed is my work from home day. Usually get a run in on my lunch break. Don't know if it was the hills, lack of hydration, or lack of stretching, but my shins were killing me. Thought about cutting the run to 4, but mind was already set to 5. Stubborn. Afterward, decided to make a point to do a bit of stretching and to cut back a couple days. 

Thu 5k around the neighborhood. Did some stretching, shins a bit better, but still tight. 

Fri 5k around the neighborhood. Friday, had some sleep issues. After tossing and turning, decided to just get up and get my run in before work. (I work at 730). Admittedly, didnt do any stretching. Didn't feel that bad. 

Sat 5 miles around the neighborhood. Saturday is my usual "long" day, but I had plans at 9:30 and didn't want to risk being late. I usually alsoo sign into work  for a bit on sat to clean up any residual stuff before heading out. Done and got out the door to run by 8. Had plenty of time to spare.

Went to a #Phillies game, had some beers, they lost, got home from the game, had some more beers. Told myself, there's no way you're going to want to do 10 mi tomorrow... lol

Sun 10 miles at the trail. Took my time getting ready this morning. Lol. Didn't feel like eating breakfast, but I know it's important. Go to breakfast on long run day is a simple pb sandwich. Tried and true. 

Besides being tight this week, avoided the trail a couple days because the main road going there is under construction/closed starting July 5th. The detour wasn't that bad, but could see it being horrible during the week/rush hr. 

Hydrated a bit beforehand. My trail is 10 mi, I park mid way. Both sides of the trail have a slight incline from mid to end, turn around and enjoy the slight decline to the mid. Placed a water out to rehydrate at the mid point. I don't always refuel during long day, but went with a Huma pomegranate energy gel. Taste was decent, no ill side effects. Not sure if the gel was a difference maker, but besides the sun 80 degrees, wasn't all that bad. 

This coming week.. going to do a taper day tomorrow, 1 for the #RWRunStreak. Remainder of week, about 5 with a long of 10. 

Not signed up for any races for a bit.. starting to feel the itch. need to find something in the next month or so. 

Hope everyone's training is going well! Get out there, keep kicking butt! 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mid yr #Running review

Mid yr point just passed last week, how's everyone doing with their goals thus far?

Mid 2016, I had a 10k, and was pleasantly surprised. Felt the need for more. Completed my first half last September and another by yr end.

2016: 1617 total miles, 2 halfs, 1 10k, and several 5ks.

2017 goals: 1500 total miles, at least 4 10+ mi races, and a new long run of 18 mi

2017 progress: on pace for the first two goals. Trained through winter for the #LoveRunPhilly and then the #BroadStreetRun. Signed up for the Army Ten miler in the fall. No immediate races at the moment, but maintaining 10 milers for my "long" run.

That #RWRunStreak streak definitely has me tired at times, need to better analyze taper days, days before/after long runs, etc.

That long run of 18 miles goal? Not sure if I was on a runners high or buzzed when I made that goal. Was around new years, anything is possible. Lol. Less than 6 months to tackle that one, it will happen. Goal for 2017 is to maintain being able to do halfs, with the ultimate goal of increasing long runs in 2018.  Full in 2018?? Not sure if thats just crazy talk again, we shall see..

Good luck with your remaining goals for the year, keep kicking butt!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

#RunChatHunt #RunChat

A bit late on this post, but then again I wasn't blogging last month either.

This past June, @TheRunChat held a photo scavenger  hunt. Below are a few of my #RunChatHunt photos. A few of them I no longer have the originals but able to grab the collages from posts..

  • Sports stadium: haven't run by any since the #Phillies5k in April. Rest of my photos are during the June contest. 
  • Yard sale: didn't run by any, but did pass one on the way to the trail. 
  • Sunrise/sunset: don't recall if I did any runs before work, if I did, no photo. :( 
  • Bridges: always knew my trail had some bridges, but never bothered to count. This includes run over, under, and by, 10 bridges in just over 5 miles! 
  • Animal on trail, usually see a deer every once in a while, first day of #RunChatHunt! 
  • I have seen the tail end of a snake on the trail before, but first time seeing one completely out there. It turned around when I paused to take its pic (from a safe distance of course. Lol) 
  • Next day saw this turtle, probably came from the marsh that's down the small cliff
  • Speed limit sign: nothing exciting about this, grabbed during a neighborhood run. 
  • Public art: Merrymount Park, Quincy Ma. From a weekend trip to Boston. 
  • Local restaurant: I do pass one or two on the outside loop from my neighborhood, but I slacked on this one.
  • Playground: 2nd block of my neighborhood run.
  • Body of water: no shore runs this past June. Only water photos were the creek along the trail. 
  • #RunChatHunt was fun. I would have taken the animal pictures anyway. For the longest time, my runs pretty much only consisted of neighborhood runs or a few treadmills. Since discovering my love for trails, I try to make a point to enjoy nature a bit more. It's easy to get in a zone, whether concentrating on running, listening to music, or just plain daydreaming about other obligations it's still easy to forget to take in your surroundings. This was a nice reminder to enjoy nature's beauty. 


If you don't actually know me and are wondering about the typos in Caffienefeen, it goes all the way back to the late 90's. When joining AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)! Took few typos to find a name that wasn't already taken. 


2016. I started the year streaking.  My previous streak was 25, was so close to matching it. But on Jan 23rd, 2016, we had a blizzard. By daylight, it was already to the point of not going out for a while. Came down hard throughout the day. I don't remember when it stopped, or when the plows started cleanup. All I know was I was 7 episodes into Breaking Bad.. first time watching and got hooked.
Jan 24th 2016. I will always remember how mad I was that the streak came to an end and I was starting over.
Not going to recap every day since, but still going strong! 527 as of today.
I may not take days off, but I do do (i said do do) taper runs here and there.
I don't do tread mills unless I'm in a hotel somewhere with limited outdoor options. Rest is all outdoors, through the elements. Blizzards, torrential rain, heat waves, etc, won't let them stop me again. If I ever stop it will be due to loss of a leg, Lol
I found a group on Facebook, #RWRunStreak, I highly recommend! Very supportive!

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