Tuesday, April 30, 2019

We're Going Streaking!

Hi Everyone!

My fellow BibRavePro's and I are streaking through May. Come join us!
Two quick reasons to do a run streak:
Forming a routine: Scientific proof that if you make a point to do a learned behavior every day it will become habit and then routine. You'll start out learning how to fit running into your schedule, and it will eventually be part of your daily routine without hesitation. Of course you may have curve balls thrown at you along the way, you'll learn how to adjust to get it done.

Weather: if you are an outdoor runner, it will help you learn how to deal with the elements. My early running days, I only went out in near perfect conditions. That has changed drastically. My last day off was due to a little blizzard, I vowed to not let the elements be the reason my new streak ends. (Previous streak 22 days, current streak 1190+ days) And if it's raining out you'll look like a total badass (or a crazy person) to your neighbors.
Concerned about not getting any rest/time to recover? Most training plans call for 2 strength training/non running days and 1 complete rest day. You can always do a more casual one mile day if you need rest. That's only 2000 steps, you got that in you.

How to join:

Hopefully you are already on strava. If it's not on strava, did it even happen? Lol
Strava is free if you aren't on there.

Join the club: 
Strava Club BibRave

Log a mile a day through May! It's as simple as that!

Be sure to add me as well!

Strava athletes: Joe G 

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