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Weekly Running Report: February 16, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well!

How's training going for you? Any recent races or training for one? Which one(s)?

This was week 10 of 20 of marathon training for the NJ Marathon for me. Join me 04/25-26! (discount at bottom of post) :)

My Week in Training:

Monday: 5+ miles. Sunday, hydrated well and relaxed. Decent night's rest, but up a couple times. Up before the alarm and ready to go. Coffee, workout (core and arms/shoulders), stretch my back out and out the door by 6. Energy there, but overall soreness from Saturday still. Pace: goal 8:15-30, settled in at 8:10, but legs feeling heavy early, fading along the inclines before getting to the worst hill. Thought I was going to fade far there, but maintained somewhat. Under 8:30, but legs felt heavy and sluggish still from Saturday's 14 miler. Light rain today, don't mind. Everyday it rains instead of snow before March is a blessing.
Tuesday: 1 mile. Monday, in bed on time, decent night's rest, up only once and again before my alarm. Coffee and workout (core and chest), stretch my back out and out the door by 6:30. Could hear rain as I was getting ready, check the app, "light rain". That was a lie! lol.. at least the temps were decent. Pacing: Feeling alright, no real goal, but figured 7:15 ish. Short steep hill then level, first couple alerts were around 7. A couple minutes downhill, picking up steam! sub 7. Uphill at .6, usually lose a few here, faded but fighting. Another incline, but able to keep it sub 7. Breathing after the hill was a bit rough, need to work on that. Grey and raining for a couple days, but with the temp was refreshing. No complaints about rain until spring.
Wednesday: 7 miles before work. Tues, in bed on time and a decent night's rest, up before my alarm. Coffee, workout (core and arms/shoulders), and out the door by 6. Pacing: Feeling better than Monday, but not high expectations. Goal: 8:20-30. Started out much better than expected. Pacing 7:50's until the last incline before my hill. 8:10 by my midway hill, 8:20's after. Maintaining rest of the way. Not as heavy as Monday, but feeling the hills by the end. A little too excited about how good I felt before the hills. lol..
Thursday: 1 mile before work. Intentions of getting a good night's rest, but personal drama around bed time, and someone waking me up at 1,  watch says 7 hours sleep with 5 motionless, but I don't believe that at all. Actually slept until my alarm, that is a first in a very long time. Up, coffee, workout (core and chest), out the door around 6:30. Pacing: tired, not expecting much, figured 7:20-30. First couple alerts, sub 7! Alright, will keep with it. Picked up momentum, downhill for a bit, uphill at .6 Faded, tried to maintain at 7, but lost a bit more. Better than expected. Will do my best to get better rest tonight!
Friday: 5 miles before work. In bed a few minutes past goal, but decent night's rest. Slept until my alarm again! Coffee, workout (core and arms/shoulders), stretch my back out and uot the door by 6:05. (few min late?) Pacing: feeling decent, goal 8:20. Nice brisk air today, felt good early! 7:30 to start, but settled in around 7:50. Hanging in there through the inclines, 7:55/8:05 before/after my midway hill. Feeling it, but maintaining. Felt good, but did fade a bit more in my last hill. But felt pretty good overall.
Saturday: 9 miles (scheduled for 8). Fri, carb loaded, relaxed, and in bed almost on time. Thought about sleeping in a few minutes but made plans to meet my training buddy at 7. Slept until my alarm, but up and moving. Coffee and ready a few minutes early. Daylight getting earlier, could start doing trail runs before 7 now if we wanted to. At my trail by 7. My trail Pennypack Creek. Park in the middle, Welsh and Terwood Rd. Did the more gradual incline side to Rockledge Park and back first. Pacing: group run, more of a comfortable pace today at 8:50 (they usually do 9 comfortable, but I'm leading the way). May have picked up a few seconds on the way back. Fueled at 5mi, passed my car at 5.5, didn't hydrate. Solo from 5.5 on. Off to the more wooded side for 1.3 ish and back. Tried picking it up a bit, dropped a few more seconds, but not much. Was settled in and a bit tight. Passed my estimated turnaround point by a couple minutes to get a pic. Hit 8 miles with a decent distance to the parking lot. Too cold to walk it for a cool down, at the parking lot at 8.6, might as well do a few more minutes to do 9.
Temps: checked the app when getting ready, 11 degrees at 6am, but going to be 18 at 7am. Well, that was a lie! I left my house thinking it would be close to 20, still 12 degrees at 7am. I may have worn pants if I knew it would still be in the lower teens. Good thing I have my pullover in my bag. Hands occasionally cold, but warmed up quickly. Frosty beard today!
Full trail pics on Facebook
Sunday: 1 mile. Rest day, one for the streak. Run Streak Day 1485. Saturday, hydrated and relaxed after my run. Eventually offset with a few drinks. Decent night's rest, got my 8 hours. Usually try to sleep in on Sunday's, but up naturally and had enough. Coffee and taking my time. Out the door by 8:45. Pacing: no real goal today, but wanted to do comfortable. Started out at 7:30. Would of been fine keeping it there, but ended up pushing a little bit midway, and then as I faded through the hill at .6 tried to maintain. A little faster than planned, but not all out. Will be taking it easy today. Rest, use my Belifu TENS gadget, hydrate. May offset the hydration later since I have tomorrow off, and may sleep in tomorrow before my workout and 7 miler. 
Weekly Summary:
Miles: 28 miles scheduled / 32 completed miles
Strength Training: Minimum 80 minutes, 164 minutes completed. 
What type of strength training do I do? Core: crunches, planks, leg raises. Weights: biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest. 
Training Plan: 
This was week 10 marathon training for NJ Marathon, using the below plan.
marathon training plan
Image from Coach Jenny Hadfield
Race Schedule: 

04.26.2020 - NJ Marathon, I am registered for the full! They also have 5k, Half Marathon, and Marathon Relay options. Use code 20NJMBibRave to save $5 off registration!

10.11.2020 - Chicago Marathon

11.22.2020 - Philly Marathon

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 

If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave Joe G

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