Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Product Review: Sweat X Sport!

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Hi Everyone!

Don't you hate when your hamper smells like a gym locker room?! Or when your clean gym clothes still smell like they have a bit of funk still in them even after a wash?!

Well then, let's get the Funk Outta Here!

I'll be testing these fine products by Sweat X:

Sweat X Sport Detergent and
Sweat X Sport Xtreme Odor Eliminator Spray

Sweat X Sport Xtreme Sportswear Detergent:

Example: Laundry
  • Pre-use: Full basket of laundry. At least 3-4 days of running gear. Bottom right image was from that current day. Imagine an article of clothing like that sitting for a few days. Grossness! Time to get the Funk out! 
  • Immediate post use: basket of laundry had a fresh spring scent!
  • Few days post use: Items that haven't been worn yet are still Funk and Odor free!
Sweat X Xtreme Odor Eliminator Spray:
Lets admit it. We all have clothing items that get worn more than once between washes. ie: hat and gloves, I'm sure there are more, but won't go into listing that.
Additional uses (per Sweat X)
  • For use on pads, shoes, helmets, gym bags, gloves, shin guards, and more
  • Neutralizes odor, doesn’t just mask it
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
Example: Gloves/Hats
  • Pre-use: It's winter here in Pennsylvania. Wearing gloves and hats daily. They are certainly not getting washed daily. Maybe once a week. Should probably do something about that right? Especially items going on our head? Time to get the Funk Out! Gave the gloves two sprays each, and the hat three. Quickly learned that it didn't need that much. Initial spray does have a bit of a "soap" smell to it. But that will dissipate quickly. Instructions state to wait till its dry. Queue the Jeopardy music.
  •  Post use: Checked on them the next morning. Definitely got the Funk and odor out!

Example: Gym bag
  • Pre-use: Used the gym bag in the morning. Tossed my running gear in the outside pocket, I usually pack a resealable plastic zip top bag. But I forgot, oops. Dirty running gear spent the day in the bag.Time to get the Funk Out! A couple light sprays. 
  • Post-use: Checked a few hours later, fresh!

Example: Shoes
  • Pre-use: I admit, I firmly believe that my feet don't smell. Well, going to my current primary running shoes, that have 300+ miles logged, I was surprised to find a faint stench. Time to get the funk out!
  • Post-use: Couple hours later, shoes are good to go, no more stench! 

Example: Closets
  • Pre-use: Sorry, no pics here.  My sneakers may not smell much, but several pairs may add up. And the hamper may have a smell as well. Over the years, I have tried rotating other odor eliminators, they may work initially, but will fade and I'll forget to replace them until it gets real funky. 8 ounces of Sweat X Xtreme Odor Eliminator Spray will be going a long way until its time to replace! And will be a lot easier to remember when it's time.

Summary: I've only begun to touch the surface of getting the funk out. There are so many more possibilities! Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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