Sunday, March 26, 2017

Race Review: #LoveRunPhilly

Hi Fellow Runners!

Philadelphia Love Run half marathon, aka #LoveRunPhilly. March 26, 2017


Background: This was my 2nd official half, 3rd 13.1. Third time through the half training program thus far. Still making some progress. After the Rocky Run in the fall, was quick to look for a race to train through winter for. I wasn't blogging or reviewing races yet, but there were some snowy long runs in there! This was definitely the perfect goal to get through winter for! Already signed up for 2018!

Training plan that I have been using for halfs. To credit the images, they were pulled Coach Jenny Hadfield's training plans.

TShirt/Swag: sweet color, tech looks/ feels webbed. Nice! Cool medal, and coffee mug as well. I've come to learn I am protective of my mug if anyone tries to use it! lol.. The pic of me wearing the shirt below is definitely not in Philly (but is my fav pic in it, Colorado, have to represent while on vaca!)

Aid: plenty of water, gatorade, aid stations throughout. Bananas, pretzels, Nesquik, etc afterwards. Can't remember if there was a free beer, I wasn't carrying my ID at the time.

Elevation/Scenery: advertised as "Flattest course yet" Race starts at the museum, first 5 miles go through the city, once back at the museum the course goes along the river across from boathouse row. There were a couple significant hills. Steep hill that goes up to a bridge, I still had energy and made the mistake of rushing it, well, should of looked into this, learned about another hill in Philly, "Strawberry Mansion" A good challenge for sure, definitely should of paced through the first hill! Once down from there is back along river to the museum.

Expo: i was unable to attend, opted to have my packet mailed.

Parking: public transportation is encouraged. pay lots nearby

Race management: everything was managed with efficiency.

Definitely recommend this race!

Signup for 2018 can be found below:

Love Run Philly signup

Please review any/all races you can on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G

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