Sunday, December 1, 2019

Weekly Running Report: December 1st, 2019

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well! 

Any recent races or training for one? Which ones/how's it going?

This week was a recovery week for me. Did the Philly Marathon on 11/24, taking it easy to trying to get back into the swing of things. May take another week or two to get back to "normal". 

My Week in Training: 
Monday: 1 mile, for the streak. Let's just say, everything hurts. lol.. Sunday was the Philly marathon, race day blog post in the works. Hydrated like heck after, Pedialyte, and an ice bath. Once hydrated, may have been offset by a few celebratory brews. Overall soreness before getting out of bed. Calves, quads, hammies, hips, glutes. Surprisingly, lower back seems to be ok. Day off from work, taking my time. Eventually out the door for streak day. Through the motions, not exactly comfortable, pace 8:30 ish.
Miscellaneous Cardio: After running, had to do 2+ hours of yard work, blah! Didn't do yard work race week to save my back, plenty to catch up on.
Tuesday: 2 miles. "Random" day off from work. (yesterday was scheduled way in advance, will have some "random" days rest of the yr to burn time). Slept in! Up a couple times, but able to fall back to sleep, made it past 8 and tried for 9. Felt good to get some rest. A couple errands today, but able to take my time. When I head out, knew I could do 1, but wanted to see if I could do 2. Some overall soreness, but making progress. My 2 mile route has my favorite hill, made it through it. Thought about going to 5k as I was finishing, but think i may save that for Thanksgiving day. (personal Turkey Trot).
Wednesday: 3.11 miles before work. Back to work today, made a point to go to bed early last night. Up around 3 and tossed and turned for a while, up by 4. Upper body not as sore anymore, decided to do a workout. (core and arms/shoulders). Done early, taking my time heading out. Out the door by 6. Going on feel, set out for 2-3.11. My 5k route has a spot I can end shortly after 2. Light soreness, but hammies feeling tight. Shorter strides than I would prefer, but manageable. Done before daylight/sunrise.
Thursday: 3.11 miles. Day off from work (Happy Thanksgiving!). Planned to sleep in a bit, but also have chores to do, couldn't sleep in that late. Up around 7. Coffee, workout (core and arms/shoulders), and out the door around 8. Just a bit windy for this one! (20-30 mph with 50 mph gusts!).
Miscellaneous Cardio: 1 hour of yard work. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy, but the wind actually helped rake to the one direction for cleanup.
Friday: 3.11 miles before work. Thu (Thanksgiving Day), up past my bed time. Should of rethought that late coffee I had with dessert. Set the alarm to get a workout in. Rough waking up. Coffee, workout (core and chest), and out the door by 6. Still some overall soreness (shins, hips, glutes), thought about shutting it down at 2, but finished the 3.11 I set out to do.
Miscellaneous Cardio: .75 hours yard work
Saturday: 5 miles. Long run day?! No, not exactly. Still in "recovery mode", but itching to get back to "normal", and wanted to at least get to my trail. When I go two weeks without a trail day, seems like forever! Fri, didn't really carb load like I would for a long run, but plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers to be had. Set my alarm, but also wanted some rest and disabled it overnight. Early plans, but knew I would at least get a run in. Up around 6, at my trail by 7:15 (usually there by sunrise). My trail Pennypack Creek. Park in the middle, Welsh and Terwood. Did the more wooded side to Byberry Rd and back to the midway point (5.25). This side is more wooded, but has great views of the creek that runs along side. Started out ahead of pace and settled in early. Pacing 8:30, but legs got heavy early. Slight incline and hill at the end, 8:45 by the turnaround.  Picked it up on the way back, but not by much. Left hamstring is a bit tight, fine on short strides, but begins to pinch as the stride widens. Will be stretching and keeping an eye on it before doing any speed work. 
Miscellaneous Cardio: .5 hours yard work. 
Full Pics on my FB page
Sunday: 1 mile, "Rest Day", one for the streak. Run Streak Day 1408. Sat, stayed up late (11:30!), slept in today, past 8! Sleep pattern has been a bit different lately, but catching up on rest. Hope it isn't too rough getting back into early mornings this coming week. took my time getting ready this morning, out after 9:30. Streak days may be fast at times, but certainly wasn't looking to do speed today. Well, the first minute starts up a short steep hill, first pace alert was  in the 7:20's. Route levels out and then has a few downhill. Maintained pace in the 7:20's for a bit, but back to reality when it was time to go up hill. Faded up the hill and leveled out. Overall under 7:45, wouldn't say it felt "good", but manageable. And my shin started to hurt again towards the end. Time for KT Tape!
Weekly Summary:
Miles: 18 miles
Miscellaneous cardio: 4.25 hours yard work.
Strength Training: 67 minutes
Hydration goal (gallon) met: 7 days  

Training Plan: Recovery week, taking it as I can. When it's time to get back on schedule, will most likely pick a plan from Coach Jenny Hadfield. Free plans for all levels/distances.

Race Schedule: 

2019 complete, 2020 schedule shaping up, will have it updated in a couple weeks. ;)

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 
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