Saturday, October 21, 2017

Race Reviews: Runners World Half Festival, the 5k.

Hi Fellow Runners!

How's everyone doing?!  Just had a blast at the RWHalf festival, did the 5k, below is my review!

Background: last yr, I discovered that the Runners World magazine was actually based just over an hr or so away from me! When i discovered this, my fall racing plan for 2016 was already layed out, wasn't able to fit this in.  Made a point to at least check it out this yr! There are plenty of race options, a 4 mile trail run, a 5k, 10k, and/or half to choose from, or choose them all! My Sept and October races were already planned for 2017, wasn't sure which one to choose, but wanted to at least check it out, went with the 5k! After coming close to picking the 5k, decided to see who I could talk into doing it as well, since it is "only" 3.1 miles. lol  Was able to get a buddy from work, and one of my closest friends (who has recently gotten into running, and I'm so proud of) to commit!  We had a blast! Would definitely do this race again, depending on my training cycle, would do a further or multiple races!
Pre-race, got to meet the legendary Bart Yasso!
Course Scenery: The background of the race was cool, the Bethlehem Steel Stacks and cool abandoned warehouses. Good trivia question, if you are a fan of the Michael Bay Transformers movies, part of the opening fight of Transformers 2 takes of place in Bethlehem, (part of it is spliced with other locations, but made to look like the Bethlehem Steel stacks. Other noteworthy scenery includes a view of he river/foliage seen from the bridge. 
Elevation: After hearing that the half has hills, the 10k has some and the 5k has a few, was trying to prepare myself mentally for some hills. Was not that bad. There were about three. There was a ramp to a bridge that had an incline, across the bridge there was about a half block around that had an incline and later on around the .5 mark one last slight incline. That half block was probably the worst, but not that bad.

Aid: ample water for a 5k. Banana, bagel, pretzels, granola bar post race. 

TShirt/Swag:a long sleeve Tech Tee, and a cool medal that pays homage to  the Bethlehem steel industry!
Expo: Chose to do the pickup morning of the race, a couple stands near the bib pickup, the shirt pickup wasn't until after the race. After the race, at the shirt pickup, there was a shoe stand, a couple sock stands, two race stands, and one or two health food stands. Not a huge expo, but worth checking out!

Parking: There are two lots close to the starting line, but for the 5k there is a warning, if you park by the close parking lots, you must stay until the completion of the 10 k, which is closer to noon. The 5 k starts at 8.  There are two further lots that have a shuttle service, they recommend 45 minutes for parking/shuttle time. We used the shuttle after bib pickup, wasn't bad, closer to 15 minutes. 

Race management: corrals managed efficiently. Plenty of info emailed prior and an app available pre race. Overall, managed very well. Wouldn't change much, maybe add more stands to the expo, maybe add a post race beer. ;)

What recent races have you done or are training for?

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