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Race Review: Newport Rhode Races

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Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well! Anybody doing any races?!

This is my review of Newport Rhode Races Half Marathon! (They did have 5k and full marathon options as well!).

Hopefully you checked out my initial and follow up previews here and here!

The initial lure for me was the beautiful views and ease of travel. (ease in travel, as in 5 hr drive, but majority on turnpike or I95). The views certainly did not disappoint! Wharf town with a beautiful ocean view drive lined with mansions. Old historic mansions, such as the Vanderbilt's The Breakers, and new money such as Jay Leno's house. Most pics will be from race day, but will also include a link to vacation pics, here!

Expo: three packet pickup options! Thursday was held at a local running store, Rhode Runner
Friday was held at a Newport Storm Brewing and Distillery! There was also the option to pickup race day. I did see a couple hundred people choose the latter, and at least a few were late due to the long lines and played catch-up after the race started. Friday was my travel day, I chose to pickup at the brewery! I wouldn't normally partake in adult beverages the day before a race, but wasn't going to miss the opportunity to check out the local craft beer scene either. Had their ipa and their smoked porter, both excellent beers. After packet pick, made sure to hydrate plenty!
Race day!

Athlete tracking: by RaceJoy, excellent way to have your fans that are waiting for you track your progress!

Parking: No onsite parking, but parking was available in a nearby business district with shuttles provided. Long line, but plenty of shuttles, it moved very efficiently!

Once arriving to the starting point, there was secure gear check available by Mobile Locker Co It was a bit brisk before the race, great to have the option to leave a couple layers behind.

Pre-Race: met up with fellow BibRavePro, Brenda, she was running the full marathon! Go Brenda! Be sure to give her a follow, here!

Elevation and Scenery: over 400 ft accent! The blips on the elevation map are deceiving! A few big hills, but almost always a consistent incline. Even once it leveled out, it did not last long! Scenery, was amazing! The start of the race was by Easton Beach. Beautiful! Driving towards the starting point, you see a very steep hill. Hoping that was the ending, and not the beginning. Oh, but it was! Up the hill, a couple miles through a residential neighborhood. The remainder of the race was through the lifestyles of the rich and famous! Beautiful mansions along the coastline! Views of the coast and/or mansions the majority of the race! Did see a couple houses that had horses as well, probably to play some polo! The only noticeable decline was the end of the race. Tried to pick up some speed on the way down, but once it leveled out, still had at least a .25 to go (but seemed even further)!
 Select pic for mapmyrun details
My race: all of my previous halfs took place around the Philadelphia area, as most recent as of March 25th, (less than 200ft accent). Looking at the elevation map and accent, I was not going to go for a PR. Was looking to enjoy the scenery and challenge, and do my best to pace myself for under a certain time. Before the the race, I got in line a few corrals back, (long restroom lines, and fences by the starting line). Felt good to start, but was in a crowd a few corrals from where I wanted to be. Eventually passed the pacer I wanted to be near, and then passed the pacer that would get me a PR. Hung with that pace majority of the race. My PR pacer passed me with about 2 mi to go. Appreciated the words of encouragement, but it wasn't happening. Missed my PR by 2 min. But beat my goal for the event by 8 min. Definitely satisfied with my results!

Post race: met up with fellow BibRavePro, Sara, she ran the half marathon as well! She grabbed a PR! Be sure to give her a follow, here!

Shirt: bright green tech shirt. Front side has a lighthouse, 'Newport Races Half-Marathon'. Back has the race logo and sponsors.
The bling! Race title surrounded by anchors and rope, sailboats below, with month/year, and distance. The race is part of a "Master Series", if you do all five of the series,the medals connect and create a huge medal! I would definitely do the series if it wasn't five hours away!

After receiving the bling, there is an athlete's food tent. Water, bananas, grapes, and PieZoni's pizza! Refreshing, satisfying, and delicious!

Beer garden! Your bib contained a ticket for 1 free post race beer. Sponsored by RI Brewer's Guild. There were four local craft beers to choose from. Beer also available to purchase for a very reasonable price of $5. I went with Trinity Brewhouse's Tommy's Red (Irish red ale)!

Pictures: Free race pictures by GameFace! Haven't been tagged in any yet, will let you know if there were any worth sharing. Always a good thing when they are free, usually look like death!

I would definitely recommend this race. It's beautiful, a great challenge, awesome perks and swag!

Once the results are available to Athlinks, I will be sure to claim them! Great way to store all of your race results in one central place!

Rhode Race's sites and social:

Site: http://runri.us/newport-race-info/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaceTheRhode
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rhoderacesri/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RhodeRacesRI/

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