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Product Review: Yaktrax Pro's

Disclaimer 1: I am not an ambassador for this company, I have no affiliation.  
Disclaimer 2: as much as I say I feel safe, please proceed with caution. There is no guarantee you will not fall. 

Hi Everyone!

Doing a product review on Yaktrax Pro's. I wasn't blogging last yr when I bought them, so will provide some updates throughout the season.


The reason why I bought these... For anyone that has been following me may know, I am a streaker. My streak goes back to January 24' 2016. My last day off was when I let a blizzard force me to take a day off. I was early into streaking, and the anger the next day may have caused me to take streaking a bit more seriously. I'm not sure if that was the last snowfall that season, or if I lived a bit dangerously, I didn't buy these until the next winter. Bought these in December of '16.

I did some research online, and yaktrax is really the only name in the game. Except the option of drilling screw's into your sneaker's to add traction, but I'm not going to risk messing that up and ruining shoes at the same time. 

I purchased these at a local sporting goods store. They do make a walk, run, pro, and several extreme versions if you are going trekking. I was in a pinch, could not locate the run, but the pro's are categorized for running as well. 
I'm not going to pretend I remember December '16. But my social media quote after my  first time wearing them was : 
Day 329 Would have preferred trail running on a Saturday, but don't want to drive on the roads yet. Lol Ran 4.02 mi with Nike⁠+ Run Club. Light snow covered by freezing rain, turning to rain. First yaktrax run of the season, felt completely safe! 

I wore them several times in last season, they held up well. Will provide more current uses of them from this season.

December 9th, 2017. It snowed from 9am-7pm, 3-5 inches depending on drifts, etc. My roads were clear the morning of 12/10, sidewalks may have had some ice still, but I chose to go to my trail. (Pennypack Creek). The trail still had plenty of snow, as trails are not plowed/salted. ;) The sun had been shining for a couple hrs, but not long enough to melt. There was three inches in most spots. Was looking for tire tracks/compacted snow, but don't think the ranger had been by much yet. Was only doing one mile for the streak this day. Ran though powder most of the way. Snow running definitely takes a bit more effort from your calves, but I felt safe most of the way. 

December 11, 2017. The sun shined all day on the 10th. Wasn't sure if I would still need the yaktrax on the 11th. In most spots, the snow did melt, but there was a bit of snow, plenty of slush, and some ice.  Wore the yaktrax. I tended to go for either the compacted snow from tire tracks, or snow to the side, avoiding the  the ice, and felt fine. Definitely felt the extra effort from calves to the glutes!

December 16, 2017. Friday afternoon, got another three inches of snow! Another snow run at the trail. This time, there wasn't any time for the snow to melt. Again, the ranger hasn't driven by yet to leave any tracks. I swear they drive by at least once a run, just not when you want them to. The snow was mostly powder, a few other people had already been on the trail this morning, there were spots of compacted snow. I start out on the untouched powder first and then test the compacted snow, once confident it's safe, got some better traction there. 

Cons so far, which could probably be corrected by proper sizing: 
  • They are extremely tight when installing on your sneakers. You really have to pull the rubber carefully (or you could cut yourself from the metal coils) to install from toe to heal. 
  • I purchased my corresponding size. I haven't read anywhere about needing to buy the next size up, but think that may be the way to go.
  • They were so tight, around my toes, they actually bend the sneaker in a bit. Not something that people that already lose toenails need in their life. 
  • On a shorter run i haven't really experienced this, but after a few more miles, they need to be readjusted mid run, needing to be stretched back again. This may be due to improper sizing, but they shifted a bit. Below pic shows they need to be stretched back from the toe again. 
  • Since starting this post, I have read additional complaints about them running small, should probably consider one size up. 
  • I have not felt unsafe in any way yet. Of course the, worse the condition, I do think about falling before heading out and try to have a plan. If you fall, best to absorb impact in a shoulder, don't catch yourself with your hands. Fortunately, this has not been an issue, I have not had any issues since wearing these. One time I fell on a day I debated on wearing these, oh, it's clear, just a few ice/snow spots, no need to wear them, fell on a turn around!
I will make additional updates this season if there's anything worth noting, but I would definitely recommend these if you intend on running, walking, hiking, in ice or snow conditions. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, will be sure to provide honest feedback.

Yaktrax website:

These are available for purchase in additional locations but, here's two that definitely have them:

Purchase online:

Online or in store: 
Dick's sporting good's: yaktrax pro

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