Sunday, December 10, 2017

Weekly Running Update: December 10th, 2017

Hi everyone!

How's everyone's training going?!

I still have a couple weeks until I'm on training plan for a race. Just mixing it up for now. (not too much, pretty similar to what the plan will call for, but on my own terms, for now!) lol 

My week in running: 

Monday: 5 miles. I had the day off work to catch up on chores and holiday shopping, but first, gotta run! Woke up at my normal time. Was a bit tired, but up. The temp was 32, before wind chill. Got to the trail (Pennypack Creek) around 8. I didn't warm up or stretch beforehand, was tight most of the way. Didn't take my normal Sunday rest day, and wanted to take advantage of being able to get to the trail today, glad I did since i haven't been there in a bit. Will do a rest day tomorrow.

Tuesday: 1 mile after work. Decided to do a rest day since I skipped Sunday rest day. 
Wednesday: 4 miles. My work from home day, lunch run. And boy did I need it! The perfect stress reliever after a crazy morning. Was a bit chilly today, but didn't wear any extra layers. Warmed up mid 1. Things a bit tight to start, but better as it went along. Hills were a good challenge today.
Advantage of getting the run out of the way, able to run errands after work, sarcastic yay! 
Thursday: 4 miles before work. Had plans immediately after work, set the alarm to get the run in early. A bit tired to start, but the brisk air got me going! Was pushing it the last quarter, afterwards my neighbor who's a chronic smoker made a comment on my breathing, the nerve! 
After work, my company had its annual award show (holiday party). Hors d'oeuvre's, presentation, than an unofficial off-site party at a nearby ale house. Miller's Ale House. Not in honor of my bday, but two days before is close enough! Birthday celebration #2 (#1 was last week). Pictured below, Victory Dirt Wolf, my go-to DIPA. 
Friday: 5 miles. Day off work, able to hit the trail! Woke up around my normal time, head out to the trail around 8. Temp was 32, chill 30, gloves and hat but no extra layers. Cool heading out but was comfortable. 
Friday night, went to an authentic Greek restaurant for my birthday with my in-laws. I have had gyro's before, but never been to an authentic Greek restaurant! Yanni's, was unique and excellent! The restaurant is byob, but I didn't bring anything. But, as part of my birthday gift, my in-laws got me Dirt Wolf, how did they know? ;) Birthday celebration #3.
Saturday: long run day! Haven't really had a long run day since the marathon, and was feeling ready for a couple more miles. Already predetermined to do 10. Early in the week, heard there was a chance of flurries in the forecast. Yesterday, the forecast on one app was 1-3 inches, and 3-5 inches on another. Didn't set my alarm, but still got up around the same time. Took my time getting ready, had my coffee, worked for a few minutes. Got to the trail around 8. Was going to try a steady medium pace. The brisk air felt good. My trail is 5.25 miles. Did a 1/4 and on the way back found out that part of my trail was closed for hunting. So I did the 2.5 back and forth twice. This side of the trail has a steady incline, but didn't have any issues maintaining my desired pace. It did start snowing going into my second round of the trail, and it stayed steady. It ended up snowing the rest of the day! But only accumulating to a few inches.

My actual birthday. The big 4-0! The snow did affect our plans, but was still able to go out to my fav spot for wings, Mad Mex! and of course, had a Dirt Wolf! Birthday celebration #4. I don't usually make a point to celebrate my birthday so many times, usually just once or twice. But the stars aligned, and was able to. Will be rescheduling part of my plans, so there will at least a fifth celebration. Usually I freak out a bit about getting older, but not this yr. Looking forward to so many things, not thinking about it. 
Sunday: 1 mile. rest day, one for the streak. Streak day 687. I don't usually go to the trail for 1 milers, but all the night neighborhood runs have me wanting to go to the trail as often as possible. The neighborhood runs serve a good purpose, especially for hill training, but I definitely prefer the nature scenery over it. This morning wind chill was 18. I didn't have any other plans for several hours, so I took my time around the house with light chores. Was closer to 35 when I got to the trail. Still plenty of snow on the trail, the perfect time to bust out the yaktrax! The snow was a mix, some slushy, little bit of ice, and plenty of powder. I feel safe wearing the yaktrax, but still try to be aware in case I slip and fall. Between the snow and the yaktrax, definitely takes a bit more effort from the calves!

December goals:
  • Have fun! No race training for a few more weeks, enjoy the trail when you can and do whatever I want!
  • 135 miles. No way I'll get 1700 miles for the yr, but 1650 may be doable. 

Future races registered for/considering:
  • 03/24/18 - Phillies 5k. Have never done races back to back, already registered for the Love Run, but would hate to miss the Phillies 5k. "Free" baseball tickets!  2017 review here!
  • 03/25/18 - Philadelphia Love Run half marathon. Love the love run! Check out my 2017 review here. 
  • 04/07/18 - Hot Chocolate 5k/15k. Still debating on this one, will let you know!
  • May, 2018. (Date TBD) Broad Street Run!  Assuming I win the lottery! My 2017 review here. 

What is everyone currently training for? Signed up for a race? New to running, or maintaining until a race peaks interest? Whatever it is, good luck to everyone with their training, keep kicking butt!!

If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G

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