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TCS NYC Marathon Training Week 17 - Weekly Running Update: October 14, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well. Anyone doing races or training for one, which one(s)? Will I see any of you next week at Runner's World?

This was week 17 of marathon training for me, the biggest week of the plan! A 20 miler, oh my!

My week in training:

Monday: 6 miles. Sunday was the ArmyTenMiler, my review, here. Stayed in Va Sunday to visit and celebrate afterward. Monday morning, had to make the 3+ hr journey home. Usually do a rest day after a race, but didn't want to re-order this week's schedule. Made the drive home, unpacked, settled in, hydrated, stretched, and head over to my trail, Pennypack Creek. Park in the middle, Welsh and Terwood rd, did the side with the gradual incline to that end, Rockledge Park, plus about .25 into a nearby neighborhood with a steep hill, back to the trail to the mid point to get in 6. Started a bit faster than I should have for a day after a race, under 8 for 1. Started to feel it and pulled back. Was definitely feeling it a bit more towards the hill, but not as bad I would expect.
Tuesday: 3.11 miles before work. Hydrated and stretched last night. Went to bed early, woke up before my alarm. May have been up, but was groggy. Coffee, work out, stretch, and out the door by 6. A bit sore to start. Feeling the slight inclines before getting to the hills. 8:25 pace before the hills, 8:35 after. Pushed a bit to get it down to 8:30.
Wednesday: 4 miles before work. My work from home day, can sleep in a few minutes, nope. Up before my alarm. Coffee, work out, stretch, and out the door by 6. Sluggish start. 8:25 before the hills, 8:38 around the mid point. Brought it down a bit, a few more smaller hills, didn't bring it down that much. Yup, it's also still humid.
Thursday: 1 mile. Strength training day, plus one for the streak. Able to sleep in a few minutes, but up before my alarm. Crunches, planks, push-ups, curls, tri extensions, butterflies, and leg raises. Stretch, and out the door around 6:30. Loop around part of the neighborhood. First min in starts with a hill, a bit slower than expected, picked it up and leveled out. It was still humid, sweating after 1 mile.
Friday: 5 miles before work. Last night was an Eagles football game. Stayed up past my bedtime and had a few adult beverages. Still intended to get up early to run before work. I prefer Friday mornings over after work to allow a few more hours recovery before Saturday long run. Was in bed around 11:30 pm, still up before my alarm. Coffee, stretch, and out the door by 6. It was chilly out! I may have been a bit tired, but today felt great! Hydrated plenty the rest of the day and went to bed early for tomorrow's long run!
Saturday: 20 miles. Long run day, yay! 20 miles, ruh roh? haha! Only my second twenty miler, but wasn't feeling the anxiety I would usually have. Up before my alarm, I could hear the rain. Thought about staying in a few minutes..  But I was up. Coffee, hydrate, stretch. Checked the weather 49 and light rain for a couple hours. Packed a long sleeve shirt, hat, and gloves. Once I got to my trail, was pretty sure the hat and gloves would be enough, and it was if it needed, I could add that layer around 5 miles when I pass my car, did't need it. Started off slightly faster than planned, 8:45ish, pulled back to have it around 9. My 16 and 18 milers were around 9:05, planned on fading a bit. Felt pretty good overall, splits were all around 9.0, I felt a little tight at the end, but maintained that pace.
My trail Pennypack Creek. Park in the middle. The trail is 5.5ish end to end, back and forth 11,  There were points today where I thought maybe today is the day I do the entire trail back and forth twice (22), but towards the end thought it would be best that I stuck to the plan. lol..  I pass my car every 5.5 ish, hydrate, and take my gels about every 5, usually just before I get to my car to wash it down. 
Sunday: 1 mile. Rest day, one for the streak streak day 995. Woke up at my normal time. Would be a perfect day to sleep in, but nope, internal alarm plus allergies got me up. Took my time getting ready. A bit sore from yesterday, but not as bad as I expected. Out the door around 7:30. A bit chilly, started a bit faster than I should after yesterday, around 8. A bit tight, pulled back to about 8:30. Wish I could rest today, but I have some yard work to do. Mid week rain had me reschedule. 'Doh!
This was week 17 of of marathon training, using the below plan. 
Scheduled to do this week: 
Miles: scheduled miles  38 / completed 40
Strength Training(planks/crunches/leg raises/weights: scheduled 60 min/completed 75
To credit the images, it was pulled Coach Jenny Hadfield's training plans
marathon training program
Fall Schedule: 
10/19-10/21 - Runner's World Half Festival. Next week! (5k & 10k). My 2017 5k review, here! Use code RWHALF18BIBRAVE for 15% off any/all 4 races! 3.8 Altra, 5k, 10k, Half marathon! Check out my preview, here! 

11.04.18 - TCS New York City Marathon! 

Spring Schedule 

03.31.19 - The Love Run! Love the Love Run Philadelphia half marathon! Check out my review from last yr, here. 

04.06.19 - Hot Chocolate 15k Philadelphia. Use code BRHCPhilly to receive a free smart phone arm band. Check out my preview, here. 

Good luck to everyone with training! Kick some butt! 
If you do any races, please remember to review them on ! Your opinions help other runners decide what races to run!  Follow me on BibRave: Joe G 

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